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REAL VEGAS PEOPLE – Ten Questions with GHOSTBAR’s Skye Dee Miles

Sin City’s living legend brings the “Boom Boom” to Palms Hotel with “Midnight Skye – The Revival”

REAL VEGAS PEOPLE – Ten Questions with GHOSTBAR’s Skye Dee Miles

“It’s somewhere between a party, a production show, and a lounge act. It’s all in one” says Skye Dee Miles about her new show “Midnight Skye – The Revival”. It takes place at GHOSTBAR, the legendary nightclub nestled high in the clouds above Palms Casino Resort.

The name “Ghostbar” might evoke images of the dead, but things at the iconic rooftop club couldn’t be more alive. Just two months in, “Midnight Skye – The Revival” is drawing enthusiastic crowds every Friday and Saturday night. Audience members from all walks of life are coming back to the infamous hotspot to check out this genre-bending infusion of funk, soul, gospel, hip-hop, pop, rock, and jazz.

REAL VEGAS PEOPLE – Ten Questions with GHOSTBAR’s Skye Dee Miles

The creator and star of GHOSTBAR‘s new hit is songstress Skye Dee Miles. Dynamic, daring, and flat-out fun, this powerhouse belts out the blues as easily as a wink to the nearest hunk. Known to thousands through a high-profile stint at Rose.Rabbit.Lie, Ms. Miles has delivered inimitable stylings to sexy spots like “The Entertainers Lounge” at Mandalay Bay‘s S BAR, “Bourbon and Blues” at The Shag Room (Virgin Hotels Las Vegas), NoMad Library, and numerous appearances at venues like The Space.

Many longtime fans had their first toast with Skye at MENOPAUSE The Musical. Now she’s back in full-production mode with her proudest and most personal accomplishment – “Midnight Skye – The Revival“.

“Las Vegas’ own Midnight Skye will bring the rebirth of cool to Las Vegas. Hip, sexy, and soulful with a touch of class and beauty, she will be joined by live bands, sultry dancers, specialty acts, and surprise guests. With a music theme rooted in soul, expect Ghostbar to deliver the funkiest good time in Las Vegas.”

REAL VEGAS PEOPLE – Ten Questions with GHOSTBAR’s Skye Dee Miles

VEGAS 411 had the opportunity to chat with the voluptuous “Queen of GHOSTBAR” this weekend. I posed ten questions and asked Skye to have a little fun. As anyone who knows her would expect, it was anything but predictable.

Is Skye Dee Miles your birth name or a stage name? Is there a story behind it or does it have a special meaning? 

“I plead the fifth! I have several aliases. I will tell you that ‘Skye’ means “water giver” in Arabic. That’s what I read somewhere. ‘Dee’ is short for DeDe and I was named after my great grandfather Dee. We share the same birthday. I had to keep ‘Miles’ because that’s my family name.”

REAL VEGAS PEOPLE – Ten Questions with GHOSTBAR’s Skye Dee Miles

Your new show is entitled “Midnight Skye – The Revival”. There are lots of layers to that name, referencing the late performance time, rooftop location, and your own name. But what is being revived? 

“I am wanting LIFE to be revived!! The life of laughter love and emotion to be reignited through the art.”

Do you think there’s too much “Sin” in Sin City…or not enough? 

“NOT ENOUGH!! I vote for putting sin back into SIN CITY!”

What’s your favorite “sinful” thing to do in Las Vegas?

“Blackjack and Boys (over 25).”

REAL VEGAS PEOPLE – Ten Questions with GHOSTBAR’s Skye Dee Miles

Your show features dazzling imagery and plenty of vibrant costumes. What does Skye Dee Miles wear when she’s at home, sipping coffee in the morning?

“I don’t drink coffee. I love cute cotton pajamas. Bareface so my face can breathe.”

You’ve performed in some of the most intimate and well-known spots in Las Vegas, from Rose.Rabbit.Lie to Smith Center for Performing Arts and the legendary Cleopatra’s Barge at Caesars Palace. What famous stage is on your bucket list?

“Madison Square Garden, The Lincoln Center, and my own showroom. I love the stage at Palazzo where they did ‘BAZ’, I am ready to have the world be my stage.”

You just won the lottery and have enough money to do one of the following. A) Open your own SKYE DEE MILES Hotel-Casino, B) Travel the world in a private jet, or C) Purchase your own mountain with a cabin by the lake. Which will it be?

“A, B, and C!”

You’re hanging out with Tina Turner, Prince, and Michael Jackson at a bar, and each of them wants to jam at their place with you afterward. Are you headed to Nutbush City, Paisley Park, or Neverland Ranch?

“Ooooooooo…..this is good!!! Michael and I can go to Disneyland on Sunday. I think I’m heading to Nutbush City because that party is going to have all the good food, whiskey, and bad boys. All the cute boys at Prince’s party are prettier than the girls. Lol, I think it’s best to not ruffle my own ego!”

REAL VEGAS PEOPLE – Ten Questions with GHOSTBAR’s Skye Dee Miles

You’ve admitted to being easily scared. Now that Halloween is approaching, what horror movie would make the Queen of GHOSTBAR jump the highest?

“The Omen….I don’t play around with the spirits like that. Maybe a bottle of whiskey spirits, honey, but not The Omen or Rosemary’s Baby. The Shining was crazy!”

REAL VEGAS PEOPLE – Ten Questions with GHOSTBAR’s Skye Dee Miles

Hot Fries (left) and Hot Mess. Photo by Aimee Wade

You’re a mom to two adventurous cats. What are their names? If they were musicians, what instruments would each play, and would you trust them to be in your band?

“HOT FRIES (boy) and HOT MESS (girl). LoL OMG, Hot Fries would play some instrument not needed like the tuba or accordion. Hot Mess would be the chick drummer or eccentric wild cat female singer in a punk rock band. Hot Mess could be the lazy manager. I wouldn’t trust either in the band. Hot Fries would fall asleep and Hot Mess wouldn’t show up. But they are great for cuddles!”

MIDNIGHT SKYE – THE REVIVAL performs every Friday and Saturday night at GHOSTBAR inside Palms Casino Resort. Admission is free, guests must be 21 or over. The preshow begins at 10 pm, entertainment continues until 2 am. For more information on Skye Dee Miles, visit the official website

REAL VEGAS PEOPLE – Ten Questions with GHOSTBAR’s Skye Dee Miles

Photo by Bobby Watson for ‘MIDNIGHT SKYE – THE REVIVAL’

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