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The Peppermill: Las Vegas Classic

Great breakfast but not cheap

After a wild Vegas night, you need a scrumptious breakfast to give you energy.

One place where you’re sure to find it is the Peppermill. This nouveau boutique restaurant, with its glossy retro setting, offers superb breakfast.

Unlike other restaurants, one can order breakfast at the Peppermill 24/7. The breakfast includes the traditional egg dishes, hashbrown, waffles, toast, cereal, pancakes, bacon, ham, and even corned beef hash. The portions are enormous and the service is excellent.

It’s not cheap. A basic breakfast at the Peppermill will cost a minimum of $20-$25. Despite the price, The Peppermill is always packed, and long lines are standard. Wait times vary from 20-35 minutes but once seated, things are smooth. The Peppermill does not accept reservations.

If you have money and want a decent breakfast, then the Peppermill will satisfy your tastebuds.

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