So You Want To Party at Omnia Nightclub Inside Caesars Palace

Here’s what you need to know

There’s no place better in Las Vegas than Omnia Nightclub inside Caesars Palace for people who love to party, dance, and drink. Omnia is the place to get wild. The nightclub is only open Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 pm to 4 am and rest assured it’s always packed. Men have to pay a $50 admission fee, and women pay $30. Despite the entrance fee, the wait times to enter can vary from 45-90 minutes.

And you need to be well dressed. Pants hanging down your butt, sneakers, and a cartoon T-shirt will not get you entry into this posh nightclub unless you’re Wiz Khalifa. You will need to wear decent clothes. The bouncers are quite strict and don’t hesitate to refuse entry to anyone who looks like a bum.

Once inside, the music is loud, the atmosphere is electrifying, and most people are looking to have a good time. Everyone is gorgeous, flirty, and wild.

If you love to dance, go on a Tuesday as the club is less crowded and you’ll have more space on the dance floor. Weekends are packed worse than a hipster farmer s market; there’s little room to move or even dance.

Now to the negatives. Omnia is not a cheap place- be prepared to pay $15-$40 for a small alcoholic beverage that you drink while standing.  Water alone costs nearly $25. If you want a table, be prepared to fork out a minimum of $2,000, and this rate is MUCH higher on the weekend. 

If you want to avoid the long lines, get to Omnia at 10 pm, when it opens. The staff is friendly, but because they are busy, they usually have no time to chit chat and can seem a little rude, especially if you aren’t rich or ridiculously good-looking. 

Overall,  Omnia is a wonderful, lavish nightclub but only if you have money to spend. To have a great time, you probably need to spend at least $3,000. If you only have a hundred dollars, avoid Omnia as you will be ignored by the staff and will only be able to drink a few glasses of water or two beers. 

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