Lyft Is Bringing Fully Driverless Cars to Las Vegas

Say goodbye to the rideshare driver; future Lyft rides in Las Vegas may see you hopping into a fully autonomous vehicle

Getting around Las Vegas in regular cars is boring. Why not be driven by an autonomous vehicle instead?

Lyft has operated autonomous vehicles in the city for three years. These “driverless” vehicles had a safety driver perched in the front seat, dampening the futuristic effect.

Now, Lyft and Motional plan to introduce REAL driverless cars. These fully autonomous vehicles will hit the Vegas streets for a test run next year. The program is expected to go live in 2023.

“Motional and Lyft pioneered collaboration between the ride-hail and driverless industries, and are now laying the foundation for large-scale deployments of driverless robotaxis,” Motional CEO and President Karl Iagnemma said in a press release. “We look forward to beginning this next chapter in Las Vegas, and then quickly scaling to other markets across the Lyft network.”

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