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Las Vegas Casinos Rake in Huge Profits

In 2021, Vegas casinos won more from players than any other year in history

It is no secret that gambling is prominent in Nevada. News just in from the state’s Gaming Control Board indicates that many casinos made huge profits in 2021, more than in any other year before that. The information also included which games recorded the most wins during the year, helpful information for individuals in the gambling world.

Games with the Most Wins

Blackjack still carries the day in terms of popularity, closely followed by roulette. Collections from roulette increased by an astonishing 103% compared to the year before. A total of more than $400 million was collected from roulette last year, with the game having close to 20% of the casino’s hold.

The increased wins by roulette could result from the new double and triple zero versions played in different casinos. 

There are close to two thousand blackjack tables in Nevada. Cumulatively, they won $1.13 billion in 2021 alone. This is more than 70% more than in 2020. The tables scored around 14.1% of all bets wagered for the game. These statistics show the casinos raked in huge profits during the pandemic. Most of them, including the biggest ones, are in Las Vegas city with others spread across different parts of the state.

Slot machines are also popular, and there was a 59.7%increase in winnings compared to 2020. There are close to 48,000 slot machines in Nevada, which won $3.758 billion in 2021. Casinosheld just under ten percent of this total, with the rest going to excited players.

Casinos earn high amounts from games such as 3-card poker, from which they hold about 31.53% of total bets wagered. Penny and quarter slots hold a lower percentage of the total wagered, standing at 9.85% and 8.04%, respectively. Craps is slightly better for casino income as the house holds 15.37% of every win.

Bottom Line

Any amount held from the wins is casino income, and a percentage comes to the state as taxes. In the first half of the fiscal year 2021-2022, the state made an impressive $570.8 billion from these collections. There is also revenue collected from casino licenses

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