Ranking Every Las Vegas Sports Team by Their Worst 2022 Moment

2022 was a great year for Las Vegas sports, but there were definitely some low moments. We’re ranking every Las Vegas sports team by their worst ones.

#4  Las Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars (January 16, 2022)

Las Vegas Golden Knights,
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Losing to a potential playoff opponent is one thing, but losing to your former coach is worse. That’s what happened to the Golden Knights when they got topped 4-0 by Pete Deboer and the Dallas stars. The same Pete Deboer who was unceremoniously fired at the end of the season after failing to make the playoffs.

Logan Thompson let three of 35 shots get past him, prompting them to bring out Adin Hill, who ended up giving up another goal to pile on the points and embarrass the Knights before the final buzzard. The worst part had to be seeing a usually productive offense get picked apart and made ineffective.

Stars goalie Jake Oettinger stopped all 27 shots sent his way, giving him the shutout. 

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#3 Las Vegas Aces vs Connecticut Suns (June 22, 2022) 

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The Aces didn’t have many bad games in 2022, but the June 22 matchup against the Suns was an exception. What’s even worse is that the loss ended Las Vegas’ seven-game winning streak.

The icing on the cake is the fact that it happened against a team they knew would be a problem in the playoffs. The Suns looked like Las Vegas’ Achilles heel at that moment, making for gratifying retribution in the WNBA Finals. Again, there weren’t a lot of bad moments for the Aces in 2022, which is why we’re going with what we have!

#2 Kyle Busch, Southern 500 at Darlington (September 4, 2022) 

Kyle Busch,
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Kyle Busch notched one victory during the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season but had the opportunity to win so many more. A perfect example of this was the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway, where Busch had the lead with 22 to go. The Las Vegas native had already led 155 laps that evening and looked poised for victory.

Things suddenly went up in smoke when Busch’s engine blew under caution. The crowd went absolutely wild once they noticed, while commentators stood stunned at the turn of events. Busch was denied victory not due to a lack of skill or strategy but by pure luck. 

#1 Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs (October 10, 2022) 

Las Vegas,

There’s nothing worse than losing by one point to the eventual Super Bowl 57 Champions and that’s why this belongs on the list. The Las Vegas Raiders were going blow for blow against the Chiefs, resulting in a 24-20 Chiefs lead heading into the fourth quarter. This is where everything just went completely wrong for Las Vegas.

The Raiders only allowed six points in the fourth quarter, but still couldn’t overcome the difference on offense. The Raider’s efforts started with a long field goal kick to put them within one point of The Chiefs. This was followed by a Kansas City touchdown, putting them back up by seven. Kansas City somehow missed the extra point though.

That’s when Derek Carr connected with Devante Adams in the endzone to put them back within a one-point difference. Unfortunately for the Raiders, Josh McDaniels made the call to go for two, which resulted in a failed run. Las Vegas could have just gone for the field goal and tied it up but decided to shoot themselves in the foot instead.

The worst part is the Raiders tried to convert on a last-ditch 4th down with only seconds left. Carr put up a brilliant spiral, but it was thwarted when Davantae Adams and Hunter Renfrow collided inadvertently. Adams was noticeably seething after the incident, even throwing his helmet. It was one of the biggest crap shows in sports!

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