5 Craziest Kyle Busch Meltdowns in NASCAR History

Kyle Busch isn’t always a delight to deal with and these five meltdowns prove it!

#5 Martinsville 2010

5 Craziest Kyle Busch Meltdowns in NASCAR History

It’s no secret that Kyle Busch isn’t the kind of man to mess around with on the track, and Jimmie Johnson found that out the hard way during a 2010 race at Martinsville. The story goes like this: Johnson and Busch were racing hard for position early in the race- not a good idea. This is because it encourages payback later and can also lead to wrecked race cars if taken too far. While Busch versus Johnson didn’t come to this, it did get pretty heated.

Now, a lot of that has to do with Johnson’s refusal to give up his position even though Busch’s car was faster. This eventually led to Busch coming over the radio and telling his team,” Why don’t you go tell the #48 I wouldn’t be beating his expletive bumper if he would have let me go 40 expletive laps ago, asshole. Stop flipping me off and just drive your expletive, you little expletive.”

#4 Brad Keselowski Gets Wrecked

5 Craziest Kyle Busch Meltdowns in NASCAR History

Believe it or not, Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski have had quite the rivalry over the last decade, and they have rubbed bumpers more than once on the race track. Let’s talk about 2010, when Busch and Keselowski were battling hard for position during a Busch series race at Bristol and things got heated. It all started when Keselowski clipped Busch heading into a corner and putting him into the wall. Busch then responded by chasing Keselowski down and spinning him out in front of the field.

#3 NASCAR official is flipped off

5 Craziest Kyle Busch Meltdowns in NASCAR History

There’s only so much someone can take before they have a breakdown, and Kyle Busch definitely reached that limit during a 2010 Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway. The incident occurred when Kyle Busch got loose and spun out in front of the field. The rest of the pack tried to avoid hitting him, but one driver accidentally hit him in the back bumper. This sent Kyle Busch into the wall and left the #18 team with a lot of repairs to make during the caution.

Unfortunately for Busch and his team, they also had to beat the pace car out to stay on the lead lap, making it essentially a race against the clock to get his car race-ready again. While Busch and his team would ultimately manage to beat the pace car out by literally just seconds, NASCAR officials deemed that Busch was too fast exiting pit road, resulting in him being forced to come down pit road to serve his penalty. Busch wasn’t very happy about this and decided to flip off a NASCAR official while he sat and served his penalty.

NASCAR wasn’t very happy about Busch’s gesture and called him back into service a two-lap penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, which Busch argued infringed on his freedom of speech. The crew chief had to beg Busch to come back to pit road, and he finally did after being told he was costing his team. Isn’t it funny how one little meltdown can leave you three laps down at Texas Motor Speedway? It’s almost like he should have chosen his actions a little more carefully.

#2 Ron Hornaday loses out

5 Craziest Kyle Busch Meltdowns in NASCAR History

Kyle Busch has done some horrible things throughout the course of his NASCAR career, but costing Ron Hornaday a championship in 2011 is among his worst ever deeds. It all started during a truck race at Texas Motor Speedway, where Busch brushed the wall after getting ran up the track by Hornaday. The caution came out as both drivers exited the corner, but Busch continued to accelerate his truck towards Hornaday. He even jumped on Hornaday’s back bumper while his crew chief tried to calm him down.

Unfortunately for Hornaday, Busch wouldn’t let up and eventually spun Hornaday into the wall. Of course, Busch took himself out in the process, but not before eliminating Hornaday from championship contention. While that definitely was a blow to Hornaday and his team, Busch didn’t get off easy either. In fact, he was parked for the remainder of the race, and for the Cup Series race later in the weekend. It even resulted in Busch losing several positions in the standings.

#1 Fighting Joey Logano at Las Vegas

5 Craziest Kyle Busch Meltdowns in NASCAR History

There’s nothing quite like a good show after a long day of racing, which is why everyone in attendance at Las Vegas Motor Speedway cheered when Kyle Busch punched Joey Logano in the face on pit road. The two drivers then had to be pulled apart by crew members, but they definitely landed some punches on each other. In fact, Busch came away from the incident with a bloody forehead and one of the meanest scowls you’ve ever seen on the man’s face.

Why did Kyle Busch pick a fight with Joey Logano though? Logano was asked later if any punches had landed during the fight, to which the Connecticut native smiled and claimed that he had none on him.

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