Good, Bad and Ugly from Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Rams

So much for the Raiders’ winning streak. Here’s the good, bad, and ugly from the Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Rams game on Dec 8.

The Good: Las Vegas Raiders took an early lead 

Las Vegas Raiders,

The Las Vegas Raiders came out white hot in the opening drive and finished it off with a touchdown run by Joshua Jacobs. This put the team up by six points within minutes and set the tone for the game. Las Vegas then responded with two field goals to put them up by ten points.

Daniel Carlson went 2/2 in the opening two quarters, chipping in a 53-yard field goal to push the Raiders to an early ten-point lead. The best thing about the first half, though, had to be the defense. They ended up holding the Rams to only three points in the first half of the game, marking a huge improvement for that side of the ball.

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The Bad: Derek Carr went scoreless but threw two interceptions

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Another game, another example of  Derek Carr not being worth $121 million. He failed to score during the entire game! The Raiders had multiple chances in the endzone, but only came away with two field goals, a rushing touchdown a punt, and an interception. Not a great look for a guy who should be a franchise player.

Raiders fans like to talk about how clutch Carr is when it counts, but that interception proves otherwise. Not scoring a single touchdown against one of the worst teams in the league only shows how bad of a QB Carr is.

The Ugly: The Defense gave away the game in the fourth quarter

Las Vegas,

Las Vegas’ defense showed a lot of improvements against the Rams but fell back to old habits by the fourth quarter. Unfortunately for the Raiders, this resulted in being scored on in back-to-back drives and losing 17-16.  

Another big problem here was that the Raiders failed to score in the second half. Carlson managed a field goal late in the third quarter, but that only tacked on an extra three points. 

Final thoughts on Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Rams

Las Vegas Raiders,

Watching the Raiders lose this game in the final minutes was just painful. Derek Carr, Davantae Adams, and Joshua Jacobs had so many chances to score. And the defense just fell apart in the fourth quarter, allowing two scores and losing the game. 

The Raiders don’t seem like they are very good in the home stretch. The team couldn’t score a touchdown in the second half, despite having some of the best weapons in the game. Even Jacobs couldn’t break free for a score. Everyone failed in the fourth quarter.

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