Best and Worst of Las Vegas Sports (Oct 2022)

Here are the best and worst moments from Las Vegas Sports (Oct 2022)!

Worst: The Las Vegas Raiders season is already on life support 

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The Las Vegas Raiders had all the potential in the world. Derek Carr seemed poised for a career-defining year. How could he not with a wide receiver roster of Hunter Renfrow, Darren Waller, and Davantae Adams? This was his chance to shine, but boy, has he blown it.

The Raiders have one of the worst defenses in the league and were shut out by the Saints only a few weeks ago. They then were handed a loss by the Jacksonville Jaguars, who just sliced up their defense in the second half. They have given up a total of 201 points this year so far.

Best: Logan Thompson gets two shutouts 

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There were legitimate concerns for the Golden Knights’ goalie rotation heading into 2022, but the combination of Logan Thompson and Adin Hill has put those to rest. In fact, Thompson recorded two shutouts in October. One against the Blackhawks and another against the Anaheim Ducks.

Hill is also impressing as Thompson’s backup.

Worst: Bubba Wallace takes out Kyle Larson at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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Bubba Wallace is one of the most controversial drivers in NASCAR and proved that again at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on October 16. Not only did the 23XI driver intentionally spin Kyle Larson after light contact, but he also tried to duke it out with him in the infield.  

Wallace put his safety and the safety of everyone else at risk. He was suspended one race for his actions and made his return two weeks later at Martinsville Speedway.

Best: Joshua Jacobs is the only good thing about the Las Vegas Raiders

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Joshua Jacobs is the only good thing about the Las Vegas Raiders. He has proven that with his numbers in October. He will definitely play a role in whether the Raiders make the playoff or not, making his upcoming performances very important.

Jacobs has 484 yards, six touchdowns, and an average gain of 5.4 yards.

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