7 Moments That Ruined the Las Vegas Raiders’ 2022 season

The Las Vegas Raiders’ 2022 season has been a disaster. Here’s everything that’s gone wrong.

#7 Getting rid of Rich Bisaccia

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Rich Bisaccia deserved so much better. Could he be the catalyst for the Raiders’ downward spiral? This seems to be the case after the Raiders overlooked Bissacia for the coaching job in favor of Josh McDaniels. The reason cited was a lack of head coaching experience on Bissacia’s part despite posting a 7-5 record and earning a playoff spot.

Keep in mind that a lot of Raiders players wanted Bissacia to stay on as head coach and were quite upset that he wasn’t retained. This might have created some kind of altered chemistry on the team, which seems to have gotten worse. 

Whether Bissacia would have been the long-term answer or not is unknown, but he probably would have done better than McDaniels. Unlike the former New England Patriots Assistant Coach, Bissacia knew how to get the team motivated. 

#6 Being down 17-3 to the Los Angeles Chargers at Halftime in week one.

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One of the first moments that ruined the season for the Las Vegas Raiders was their disastrous start in week one. The game was so bad the Raiders were down 17-3 at halftime. They ended up losing 24-19. 

The saddest part was the fact that if the Raiders had just scored a  touchdown in the first half, they would have won the game. They had a wide receiver depth chart that included Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow, and Davavantae Adams! It really seems like no matter what tools you give Carr to succeed, he will always find a way to come up short.

#5 Blowing a 20-point lead over the Arizona Cardinals to lose 29-23

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How do you blow a 20-point lead over the Arizona Cardinals and get handed your second straight loss of the season? The defense was the primary culprit in this one and gave up 29 points in the second half. There was nothing to brag about on the offense either, as they failed to reach the endzone a single time in the second half.

What really burns about this loss is that Carr did everything he could in the first half, only to have it all come undone in the second. Carr not being able to reach the endzone again was bewildering to watch. The fact that the defense gave up 16 points in the fourth quarter to force overtime and then gave up another touchdown was unfathomable. 


#4 Giving Derek Carr a two-year extension and not finding a suitable backup

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While the Las Vegas Raiders might be close to moving on from Derek Carr, they aren’t prepared to pull the trigger. The team doesn’t have a sufficient backup to take the reigns, and they just signed him to a two-year extension. This puts the Raiders in a very delicate situation heading into 2023.

Do they keep Carr for another season or drop the extension? Who would be the backup if Carr leaves? The team has Jarrett Stidham, but he doesn’t seem to be of the same caliber.

#3 Hunter Renfrow and Davatae Adams colliding during a pivotal play against the Chiefs

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The Raiders made a lot of mistakes during their game against the Chiefs, but nothing compares to the collision between teammates. It occurred when Derek Carr decided to sling one long for first down but was denied when his wide receivers ran into each other. This was Davantae Adams and Hunter Renfrow, who both seemed confused about where to go.

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#2 Losing to the Colts and Jeff Saturday

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This is probably one of the most embarrassing moments in the Raiders’ history. According to’s playoff tracker, the Raiders would have less than a 5% chance of making the postseason if they lost this game. That included a wildcard spot and would be a huge step backward. The Colts had just lost their head coach, Frank Reich, and were in a virtual freefall. It should have been an easy game for the Raiders.

Instead, the Raiders traded blows with the Colts several times throughout the game. The Colts and Jeff Saturday dealt the final one, though, when Matt Ryan connected in the endzone to Parris Campell for the game’s final score. The Raiders were unable to respond and lost 25-20. The game was so bad that Derek Carr was in tears during the post-game presser.

The Raiders have no business in the playoffs after losing to a former high school football coach.

#1 Hiring Josh McDaniels as head coach

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Can we admit that signing Josh McDaniels helped ruin this team? Every decision he makes backfires. For example, he drafted two running backs to boost their ground game but has failed to get returns on either of them! Neither Brittain Brown nor Zamire White managed a touchdown so far this season and haven’t even surpassed 100 yards.

Another big mistake was deciding to extend Derek Carr with a new contract. Why anyone would give Carr $121.5 million and hope that things get better is beyond comprehension. Then there is the defense that continues to crumble under pressure. They are also still one of the worst in the league, meaning nothing has changed! 

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