5 Things Becky Hammon Accomplished as Head Coach of the Las Vegas Aces

Becky Hammon is a beast. Take a look at what she’s accomplished as head coach of the Las Vegas Aces.

#5 Brought the Las Vegas Aces to a 26-10 record

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It’s no secret that a new head coach is a significant change in the team’s landscape. The wrong choice could lead to a disaster on the court. Fortunately for the Las Vegas Aces, former San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon was the perfect fit and proved it all season long.

She helped the team to a 26-10 record during her first year and secured a playoff spot. The Aces also nabbed the top seed in the entire playoffs and were tied for the best record in the league. Whether Hammon goes all the way and wins a title remains to be seen, but her start has been legendary.

#4 Filled the hole left by Liz Cambage 

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The Las Vegas Aces lost Liz Cambage during the last offseason, leaving many to wonder how they would fill her shoes. While Camabge has a controversial history, she was still one of the best centers in the league. 

So, what happened? Becky Hammon made the surprising decision to put her former MVP, A’ja Wilson, in a defensive role. She became an anchor for the team, punishing shooters in the post. Wilson would also lead the league in blocks, defensive rebounds, and defensive wins per share.

That’s one of the things that Hammon seems to do better than any other coach in the league. Find players with a key role on the team and improve upon it. How else would she turn the offensive juggernauts of the team into a defensive anchor in one year?

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#3 Helped revive Kelsey Plum’s career

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Remember when Kelsey Plum’s career was in jeopardy? This was the case in 2020 when she tore her Achilles tendon just months after signing a 350k extension with the team. She would be out for the entire 2020 season due to the injury.

Fast-forward to 2021, Plum started all 36 games under Becky Hammon and became one of her best weapons. Plum’s numbers rebounded from 8.4 PPG in 2019 to 14.8 PPG in 2021. 

#2 Made the playoffs 

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Becky Hammon has accomplished many things in her first year as head coach of the Las Vegas Aces, but making the playoffs has to be one of her biggest. 

The organization took a gamble on Hammon, and it worked perfectly. Is this the beginning of something bigger for the team? Perhaps a dynasty?

#1 Won Coach of the Year 

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There is no better way to end this list than acknowledging that Becky Hammon has been named 2022 Coach of the Year.  To win this award in her first year as Head Coach of The Las Vegas Aces is a massive accomplishment.  Not to mention the fact that she is the first woman to win the historic honor. It’s something that fans of the Aces will never forget. She is now officially in the history books.


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