5 Las Vegas Sports Scandals

Have you heard about these five Las Vegas sports scandals? Let’s dive in.

#5 Dearica Hamby claims she was traded due to pregnancy concerns

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Dearica Hamby is accusing the Las Vegas Aces of trading her due to pregnancy concerns, and it’s creating an ugly situation.

Hamby says the Aces front office enticed her to sign a new contract. These promises were never followed up on, and they later traded her in early January for Amanda Zahui and a first-round pick

“To be treated this way by an organization, BY WOMEN who are mothers, who have claimed to ‘be in these shoes,’ who preach family, chemistry and women’s empowerment is disappointing and leaves me sick to my stomach,” Hamby continued. “We fought for provisions that would finally support and protect player parents. This cannot now be used against me.”

#4 Derek Carr leaves the Las Vegas Raiders

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Derek Carr’s departure is a big moment. This is the same guy that constantly choked under pressure, came up short, or blew a lead. Either way, Carr just wasn’t the guy the Raiders originally thought he was. 

His performance got so bad in 2021 that many fans called for Marcus Mariota to take the mantle. Mariota eventually got that chance after Carr suffered a groin injury, but Carr returned one week later.  Then in 2022, Carr got benched in favor of Jarret Stidham, who finished out the season 0-2. Carr even left the team facilities two weeks before the season ended in order to not be a distraction to the team.

Now that Carr is officially out of the picture, the sky is the limit for who could be the new quarterback. Some rumblings even have Tom Brady picking up the spot. 

#3 Kurt Busch’s career comes to a screeching halt after concussion injury

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 NASCAR  has vowed that the most important thing is to protect lives after the death of Dale Earnhardt in 2001. They did this by introducing the Hans device that held the head and neck in place during an impact. NASCAR also worked on a safer barrier that absorbed the impact and allowed drivers to walk away relatively unscathed.

Fast forward to 2022, however, and the philosophy that NASCAR championed seems to have fallen by the wayside. Now NASCAR has a new car that has caused several injuries throughout the 2022 season. One of the injured is Las Vegas native Kurt Busch, who suffered concussion-like symptoms after a qualifying crash at Pocono Raceway.

Busch has vowed to return in a part-time capacity but reluctantly retired from full-time competition.  

#2 Robin Lehner vs Marc-Andre Fleury on the Las Vegas Golden Knights

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Remember when the Las Vegas Golden Knights had Robin Lehner and Marc-Andre Fleury as their goalie rotation? The two seemed to complement each other so well throughout their time together, and they were arguably the organization’s best chance of winning a championship. Unfortunately, the good times wouldn’t last.

Despite an onslaught of die-hard Las Vegas fans wanting Robin Lehner to be sent packing, Marc-Andre Fleury got traded instead. What made this decision particularly bad is the fact that the last time fans saw Lehner as the starting goalie, was when he got blown out in a 2021 playoff game, forcing them to bring in Fleury.

Fleury went on to win the Vezina trophy that season, while Lehner spent most of the postseason on the bench.

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#1 Jon Gruden email scandal that forced him to leave the Las Vegas Raiders

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The Jon Gruden email scandal is something that will live in infamy in Las Vegas sports. 

The Raiders signed Gruden to a ten-year, $100 million contract. He was only in year three when the drama unfolded, forcing a huge problem for both sides of the situation. 

The conversation will rage on forever about whether Gruden is a victim of cancel culture or not, but that’s, not the whole story.  The bigger question is whether the language used by Gruden in those emails is ever acceptable. Or if there is ever coming back from saying those types of things. It’s not an easy one to answer either.

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