5 Bold Predictions for the 2022 Las Vegas Raiders’ Season

2022 is already wild. Here are our boldest predictions for the Las Vegas Raiders

1. The Las Vegas Raiders will trade Joshua Jacobs or Kenyan Drake.

Joshua Jacobs

 The Las Vegas Raiders are making significant changes to their running game, and the hope is that it will take some of the pressure off of Derek Carr. Unfortunately for Joshua Jacobs and Kenyan Drake, who both put up subpar numbers last season, it looks like they are losing value in the franchise.  Between the Raiders organization not placing a third-year option on Jacobs and selecting two running backs in the draft, it’s evident that significant changes are coming.

#4 The  Raiders will have a tough start 

It’s hard to imagine the Las Vegas Raiders losing in Week 1, but don’t expect a long undefeated streak. The game against the Arizona Cardinals in Week Two will be their first big test. After that, their game against the Tennessee Titans in Week Three will likely set the stage for the rest of the season

The Cardinals might not be a huge deal, but the Tennesee Titans have Derrick Henry as their secret weapon. That will be a challenging game for the Raiders’ defense.

#3 The Las Vegas Raiders will win ten games in 2022

Josh McDaniels

Can the Las Vegas Raiders win ten games in the 2022 NFL season? Despite the challenging start to the schedule, the Raiders can come out with a ten-victory season! That all starts with Week 1 against the Chargers and Week 2 and the Arizona Cardinals.

Those two games should result in wins under the best circumstances, leaving eight more.  These can be made up quickly against the Texans, the Saints, the Jaguars, the Seahawks, and the Steelers. A  surprise win against their divisional opponents will put them over the ten mark and could put them in the playoffs.

#2 LasVegas will win a playoff game 

Las Vegas Raiders,

Remember when the Las Vegas Raiders almost won a playoff game? The Raiders’ defense tried to hold firm against the Cincinnati Bengals but fell victim to a late touchdown.  Despite the loss in the Wildcard round of the playoffs, the Raiders proved a lot in the game.

Fast forward to 2022, and Las Vegas has a stacked offense that would be the envy of any team. They also have one of the best quarterbacks in the league. This will be a tough team to knock out and could lead to a lengthy playoff run. 

#1 Derek Carr will rank first in passing yards 

Derek Carr,

Derek Carr is elite and he will prove that when he finishes the season with the most passing yards in the league. All-star wide receivers like Davantae Adams, Darren Waller, and Hunter Renfrow will make it look easy, but Carr will finally get his time to shine. Think about it! He has weapons now – some of the best wide receivers in the league and a coach that learned under one the best. 

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