Should the Las Vegas Raiders Get Rid of Derek Carr?

Should Las Vegas give up on Derek Carr? Here are the pros and cons of keeping the starter

1. Pro: Derek Carr is an established leader

Derek Carr has been called a lot of things throughout his NFL career, but a leader is probably the best description  While the Raiders could hand the reins over to Marcus Mariota or lesser  QB during the offseason, there’s a good chance that they would be downgrading.

This doesn’t mean that Carr is the future of the Las Vegas Raiders; he might just be the better choice while the team goes through a transition period.  Marcus Mariota might seem like an interesting opportunity in the short run, especially with what he did in his early days with the Tennessee Titans, but he is just too prone to injury. If they start him over Carr and he blows it, they will have to hand the reins back to a now confidence-shaken quarterback.

2. Con: Not a lot of fan support for keeping Derek Carr

It’s no secret that Derek Carr isn’t the most loved athlete in the Las Vegas sports world right now, and a lot of that has to do with his hot and cold tendencies. For example, Carr threw two touchdowns in the Raiders’ Week One win against the Baltimore Ravens, including a walk-off touchdown to end the game in overtime.

 Carr has also had games where he struggles. Some of that probably has to do with the team’s inability to establish the run game, but Carr has trouble making the most of his plays too. A perfect example of this was when the Raiders were playing the New York Giants at Allegiant Stadium and Carr didn’t manage a touchdown. 

3. Pro: Carr’s numbers are amazing

Now that we ve discussed the ups and downs of Derek Carr a bit, let s delve into some of his good qualities. A  big one would have to be that as of Week 14, he stands fifth in passing among quarterbacks, meaning he knows how to move the ball down the field. He also has a rating of 95.7 and a completion percentage of 68.3. These are some of the best numbers in the league and show that Carr can thrive under the right conditions.

What would happen if Carr had the right weapons around him? Would he crack under pressure as he did in the past, or would a few new receivers, an addition to the running game, and a better defense make his job easier?  Surely we can t know that Carr is the problem until we try everything else.

4. Con: The Las Vegas Raiders can t move on from Carr if he is still their starter

If Derek Carr is the real reason behind the Las Vegas Raiders’ failures, keeping him for another season makes it very difficult to move on.  They could just keep him through the next season and start Mariota if it doesn’t work, but that creates a quarterback controversy again. Carr is also reportedly in the back end of his deal, according to CBS sports radio, and the team would incur no penalty if they were to do something with him.

With that being said, you have to imagine that the Raiders are at least considering this option and thinking about a future without Carr at the helm. In fact, after reports surfaced that the team was considering giving Mariota an extended look, this could be an easy way for the Raiders to get out of paying his 19.7 million contract. 

5. Pro: Possibility of Derek Carr and Devontae Adams reuniting on the Las Vegas Raiders

What if Derek Carr was able to reconnect with his former California State University teammate, Devontae Adams? Rumors have been flying all season that Adams might join the  Las Vegas Raiders in 2022, creating a pretty interesting situation. Not only would this give Carr one of the most lethal wide receivers in the entire league, but he would also have Desean Jackson, Hunter Renfrow, Darren Waller, and a very stacked wide receiver roster.

Think about it! Carr is currently the fifth-ranked passer in the NFL after losing Renfrow to injury, Henry Ruggs III to a DUI accident, and his running backs for several weeks. If Carr and the Raiders were somehow able to land a player like Adams, it could be the change the organization needs to make that desired playoff splash.

6. Con: Las Vegas Raiders players could be upset if Carr stays

Let s be honest here. If things don t start changing for the Las Vegas Raiders, the finger-pointing is going to begin. Unfortunately for  Derek Carr, if his teammates start to see him as the problem, they will lose faith in him. That could lead to players taking the coach or the owner aside and asking them to give up on Carr.

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