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What To Do When You’re Stoned in Sin City

The use of Cannabis for recreational purposes is legal in Sin City and the entire Nevada. So, after enjoying some weed, here are a few fun things to do:

1. Visit the Strip

If you are not already there, it’s a good idea to visit the Strip and appreciate everything it offers from another perspective. This is a safe activity with plenty of street entertainment, unbeaten views (especially at night), and many spots to capture memorable moments. And, not only is walking the Strip free, but it’s also convenient because it’s super easy to snag munchies when you’re hungry. 

2. Attend a Live Show

Attending a performance when high is an experience that any stoner should try at some point. You may even have more fun and enjoy the performance better with a little high. 

The Jabbawockeez is the perfect show to attend while stoned. However, there’s a slight possibility that their signature robotic moves may weird out overly paranoid stoners. 

3. Visit the High Roller Wheel

There’s a thrill that comes with going round on the High Roller. The exhilaration is amplified when you’re stoned. If you’re in a group, it’s even better. A pod holds up to 40 people. If you want to get really wild, visit during happy hour and enjoy amazing deals on drinks to get the party started. It will probably be the best 30 minutes you have had in a while. 

4. Try the Bacchanal Buffet

While attending a buffet may not be the first thing that comes to mind after smoking a bowl, it’s a great idea. The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace caters is the most decadent buffet on the Strip, and there’s more food to satisfy your munchies than you can ever desire. Eating at a buffet is a chill, low-energy experience where you can relax and enjoy the hazy feeling peacefully.

5. Visit a Dispensary

You probably won’t pick out a better house or car because you’re high.

But you might pick out better weed. Trust me, being stoned helps you make decisions at a dispensary, and Las Vegas has some of the best weed shops in the country. Try Planet 13 if you want to go somewhere over-the-top and glamorous. 

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