Planet 13 Las Vegas is often described as "Disneyland" for cannabis lovers. Find out why!

Cannabis lovers, you need to hear about Planet 13 in Las Vegas.

It’s the largest dispensary in the WORLD! Jars filled with pungent cannabis buds, display cases packed with gourmet edibles and potent concentrates, everything you need to feel as though you’re inside a weed wonderland is right here at Planet 13. 

Let’s break down everything you need to know before your visit.


Planet 13 is located on Desert Inn close to Las Vegas Blvd. To give you an idea, it’s about 1.3 miles away from the Mirage. So, a quick Uber ride or an adventurous walk will get you there in less than 20 minutes if you’re on the north side of the Strip. 

It’s impossible to miss the building- look for trippy electronic flowers popping from the roof and a giant, swirling red dome in front of doors. Across the street from Planet 13, you’ll find Reef, another mega dispensary, and Spearmint Rhino, a sprawling strip club/steakhouse. 


This is Sin City, baby! Planet 13 Las Vegas is open 24/7. There was a weird moment during the pandemic when the hours were reduced, but that’s over, thank goodness.

Now, just because you can show up whenever you want doesn’t mean that you should. You could end up waiting in a line that snakes out the door! Plan your trip and avoid the most crowded hours. We’re night owls over here, so we like to show up after midnight. If that’s not your style, arriving before 2 pm on weekdays is a good idea. On the weekends, the crowds start to pile up pretty early, so try to arrive before noon if you want to avoid the swarm.


You can’t become the biggest dispensary in the world without a banging weed menu. Planet 13 carries some of the best cannabis brands in the state. Don’t worry if you’ve never smoked before. Just listen to your budtender’s strain suggestion. Poor quality cannabis exists, but you won’t find any at Planet 13, especially if you’re an inexperienced smoker and can’t appreciate subtle differences in flower yet. 

Here are some of the top brands: 

Tyson Ranch by Mike Tyson: average eighth is $60

Bohemian Brothers: average eighth is $52 

Virtue: average eighth is $70


Concentrate hunters will find a lot to keep them busy here. Planet 13’s bud prices are a little steep if you’re paying the naked cost with no discount, but their concentrates and extracts are often decently priced. You can usually pick up a half-gram for $20. 

Local Love 

Locals, if you can brave driving to the Strip area, Planet 13 might become your go-to weed shop. Why? Amazing deals. Here are the specials you can take advantage of if you have a Nevada ID:

-$25 eighths 

-$25 full-gram concentrates / $15 half-gram concentrates 

-20% off full-priced menu items 

All specials are available 24/7. Honestly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find cheaper flower or concentrates anywhere in the city.

Entertainment complex 

We’ve talked about Planet 13’s massive size. But, we haven’t talked about what’s on the property besides the dispensary. You see, Planet 13 bills itself as an “entertainment complex.” The entertainment part hasn’t materialized yet, but there is a restaurant on-site. Trece Eatery & Spirits. The menu’s broad- pizza, burgers, Mexican food, southern specialties, a hodgepodge of classic dishes. 

Everything’s delicious and nothing’s cheap. You’re less than two miles from the Strip. Did you really think you would find a burger for less than $15?


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