4 Las Vegas Stores Worth Shopping At In-Person

Online shopping is all the rage, but nothing comes close to the feeling of shopping in Las Vegas. You will find great gift shops, art stores, toy stores, and fashion stores with the most beautiful settings you ll ever see. Here are the five top picks worth shopping in-person.

1. Toy Shack

4 Las Vegas Stores Worth Shopping At In-Person

If you are a toy collector or want to spoil your kids with unique toys, Toy Shack in Las Vegas is just the perfect place. Hotwheels, original Madame Alexandra dolls, Simpsons figurines, name them all. You can find all sorts of toys here especially vintage toys that go way back to the ’60s. Though he is in his 50s, the manager himself has his own Hot Wheels collection worth $5,000.

2. Davidoff Cigar Bar

4 Las Vegas Stores Worth Shopping At In-Person

Are you a cigar fan? Davidoff Cigar Bar in Las Vegas is an international brand selling pipe and tobacco. Here, you can find assorted premium cigar brands. The cigar bar is an epitome of cosmopolitan luxury. If you don t want to shop for cigars, ashtrays, lighters, and other cigar accessories, you can take a look at their fragrances.


3. Bonanza

4 Las Vegas Stores Worth Shopping At In-Person

Bonanza Gift Shop is probably the world s largest souvenir store. If you want to own a Vegas piggybank, Vegas Christmas ornament, or a porcelain white tiger, you can find them all at Bonanza. This is the place to get a gift for your friend, lover, or family to express love, gratitude, appreciation, or apologize.


4. Fendi

4 Las Vegas Stores Worth Shopping At In-Person

Famous for its elegance and craftsmanship, Fendi is an Italian brand. The company was established in 1925, and many well-known designers, including Karl Lagerfeld, have put their best work into the brand. Men and women can pick shoes and other luxurious hats, bags, wallets, or clothing. The Vegas Fendi outlets are the best in the country. 


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