I went to Barry's Downtown Prime inside Circa Las Vegas, one of Sin City's newest steakhouses. Here's what the experience was like

Barry’s Downtown Prime at Circa Las Vegas is a premier steakhouse with a classic menu and a swanky design. It’s also Downtown Vegas’ newest high-end restaurant. Let’s break down exactly what you need to know about this trendy spot and discuss a few menu items you might want to try. 


Barry’s is located inside Circa Las Vegas, a brand-new resort on Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas. The entire property is restricted to ages 21+ except for Barry’s. So, make sure everyone in your group is an adult if you want to do anything inside Circa besides eat at the restaurant. Underage guests are not even be allowed to stand in the lobby. 

Circa is split into three levels. You’ll find Barry’s on the bottom floor in its own exclusive area. If you get lost inside the casino, look for the giant, neon Vegas Vickie sign. The restaurant is located below the cowboy boots. 

The Experience 

Choosing where to eat when you’re in Downtown Vegas isn’t easy because the area is known for its innovative, award-winning restaurants. But, if you want to pamper yourself with delicious food and a gorgeous environment, Barry’s is the perfect place to be. 

The steakhouse features a throwback 1950s/60s design with retro-inspired artwork and old-school elegance. Diners can enjoy their meal in an intimate, semi-private setting although Barry’s is the largest restaurant on the resort property and can seat 350 people. This because of how the booths are crafted. 

Make sure you make a reservation before you go. It’s not required, but it’s the only way to ensure you get a table on busy nights. Reservations can be made by visiting opentable.com or by calling (702) 726-5504.

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