Resorts World opens its doors June 24. Here are some cool things to know about this Las Vegas Strip property

Resorts World officially opens its doors on June 24- and it's BIG news. This is the first casino built from the ground up on the Strip in over a decade! And it nearly didn't happen. Work on Resorts World began in 2013, but like most big projects on Las Vegas Blvd., there were a lot of hiccups, scrapped plans, and uncertainty to wade through to get this point.

Now, Resorts World looks like it's poised to dominate. Is this the new "it" casino? It has flashy headliners, 40 restaurants with drool-worthy menus, a gigantic nightlife scene,  and innovations designed to lure in a new crowd of gamblers. 

Intrigued? Here are five cool things about Resort World you should know before you visit. 

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