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Is It Expensive to Eat on the Las Vegas Strip? (Average Costs)

The Vegas Strip is the land of high rollers, but you can still find some decent cheap eats if you look around. Here, we’ll break down the average costs to eat on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The Strip, Las Vegas

A vast selection of food is available, from fast food to street food and even buffets at a friendly price from the eateries on the Strip. On the other end of the spectrum, plenty of luxurious restaurants have sky-high prices.

Meals can cost about $12 – 20 at fast-food joints and $30 to $60 at midrange restaurants. The average cost for dinner (appetizer, drink, entree) at high-end restaurants starts at $150 per person but can soar as high as $1,000+.

So, how much do you need? You can get by by spending as little as $125 a day on food. Consider budgeting and settling for buffets if you need to get quality food at affordable prices. If $125 is too much, look at Chipotle, McDonald’s, Subway, etc.

You can enjoy drinks and cocktails on the Strip for $7 to $20. Or, put $20 in the machine and drink for free.

Here are other ways you can keep food costs at a minimum:

Always choose a Budget Hotel

It is no secret that most of the products on the Strip are geared toward tourists, so some food prices are highly inflated. You can, however, get cheaper hotels that include options such as free breakfasts. Staying at a hotel next to a cheap restaurant means you can eat cheaply without hunting for cheap food all over the city, which can reduce your total expenses.

Get Hotels with Kitchens

Some of the high food prices at hotels are due to the labor costs of the world-class chefs. If you know how to prepare your dishes, you can save and have fresh food cooking in a hotel room with a kitchen.

Eat Off the Strip

Get to a restaurant off the Strip to eat food at more competitive prices.

Save Money from Other Activities for Food

Boost your food budget by cutting costs on other activities. Visit free attractions and use the city bus to cut down on the total overhead costs. 


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