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Drink Local Beer at These Las Vegas Breweries

Las Vegas is lucky to have an ample supply of local beers all year round. Here are some Las Vegas breweries to explore:

Able Baker Brewing

Drink Local Beer at These Las Vegas Breweries

The brewery derives its name and branding from historical events in Nevada. Able and Baker are the names of two bombs detonated at the Nevada Test Site years ago. A duck survived the bomb, which explains the duck image in the brewery’s logo. You can find many beers on tap, from stout beers to lagers. Able Baker Brewing also has some canned options if you would like to grab a beer on the go. It helps that they also have a kitchen, and you can enjoy a meal with your beer.

Trustworthy Brewing Company

Drink Local Beer at These Las Vegas Breweries

This is a famous brewery in Las Vegas because of its convenient Strip location at the Grand Canal Shoppes. Thus, you can visit easily after a day of work, running errands, or shopping and quench your thirst with one of their beer varieties. Trustworthy Brewing Company offers competitive prices for their brews which is more reason to visit the brewery. Beers on tap include the What Plane? A special oatmeal stout, or the T-Shirt Weather, a continental pilsner. They also sell canned beers, cocktails, and several non-alcoholic drinks. 

Nevada Brew Works

Drink Local Beer at These Las Vegas Breweries

In the Arts District sits the Nevada Brew Works. It’s a fun place to enjoy beers in a lively location. Pair your beer with tasty burgers or pizza for a more wholesome experience. You can also pick out your preferred seltzer flavor with options such as kiwi and pineapple. The brewery also has an initiative to support the Ariana Rye Foundation, where some of the proceeds go to the foundation if you order the NBW Ariana Rye IPA. 

Banger Brewing

Drink Local Beer at These Las Vegas Breweries

All roads lead to Banger Brewing during happy hour, where you can get $2 off any beer or beverage. If you have more time, you can visit earlier and tour the brewery to see the beer-making process before you finally sit down to enjoy a refreshing beer of choice. It’s part of the Fremont Experience, so you are sure you will have lots of fun while at it. 

Scenic Brewing Company

Drink Local Beer at These Las Vegas Breweries

Are you seeking an exciting adventure away from the Strip? The Scenic Brewery could be what you are looking for. You can find the brewery near the Lakes Neighborhood in a relaxed environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Their beer specials include the Scenic Blueberry Wheat, bringing unique flavors into the beer. Visit when there is a Raiders game and you will find a fun crowd to keep you company as you watch all the action.

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