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5 Las Vegas Sports Meals to Try on Game day

Enjoying game day in Sin City? Cheer on your favorite team and chow down on iconic Las Vegas sports meals.

1. BlackHole Burgers at Sickies Garage Burgers and Brews.

Las Vegas Raiders,
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Sickies Garage Burgers and Beer is a favorite among Las Vegas Raiders fans, and they have some great food too.  One of their best menu items, though, is the delicious Blackhole burger, which includes Cheese curds, Jalapenos, American cheese, and some Sickie sauce for flavor. Bite into this monster as you watch the Raiders take care of business on the field. You might even meet a few new friends while cheering on Raider Nation.

As for the taste, get ready for a ride through flavor town as the cheese curds and the Jalapenos melt with the American cheese to create the best burger you’ve ever eaten. It’s so big it might even take a whole quarter to eat!

2. The Stadium Classic at Allegiant Stadium

Las Vegas Raiders,
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Nothing beats a classic, and that’s why the Stadium Classic at Allegiant Stadium will give you everything you need on game day. For $50, you can enjoy four original Raider dogs, a tray of nachos, deluxe popcorn, four Raiders water bottles, and a swag bag to enjoy. Why not go with the sure thing and enjoy the game while chowing down on a Raiders dog? It feeds a family of four and the snacks can be spread around too!

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3. The Golden Knights Shake at Black Tap 

Las Vegas Golden Knights,
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It’s time for something sweet. That is exactly what you can find at Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer when you order their Golden Knights shake. The beverage consists of a caramel milkshake with a vanilla frosted rim, black little candies on the side, and a hockey puck cake! Take your time and cherish this bad boy. It’s sweet from beginning to end.

Try out some of The Blacktop’s signature burgers and bears while watching the Golden Knights destroy their opponents on the ice. This restaurant at the Venetian it’s the perfect way to finish the night off and enjoy a sweet victory.

4. Las Vegas Raiders Boomtown Burgers at Allegiant Stadium

Las Vegas Raiders,
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Cheering on your favorite team is serious work, and that’s why you need grub that will keep you going. Allegiant Stadium has you covered with their Boomtown Burgers, which consist of two 100% USDA beef patties. Fans will also get a variety of snack options with their burgers that make the deal just a little sweeter. It’s the fill-up fix that will have you focused on the game instead of the concession stands. You can beat the lines too!

The deal includes four charbroiled Burgers, one bag of kettle chips, Coca-Cola products, and merch.  The bundle costs $100 but will keep you filled during the game.

5. Las Vegas Golden Knight Cap and Good Knight Kiss

Las Vegas Golden Knights,
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There are two ways to end the night if you’re a Golden Knights fan who wants a drink. The first is with the Golden Knight Cap, which fans can find at The Underground inside the Mob Museum. The drink includes house-distilled moonshine, Ginger, Jake, fresh lemon juice, Egg whites, brown sugar, and edible Goldust.

You can find The Good Knight Kiss at Bellagio’s Harvest by Roll Ellamar. This concoction consists of a mix of Grey Goose, Le Citron, Lemon, Egg Whites, Syrup, and a Goldust! This is a favorite among Las Vegas fans and is definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already. 

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