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Super Bowl LVIII; Why Las Vegas Can’t Wait

Yes! It’s almost here – and Las Vegas can’t wait.

Allegiant Stadium is scheduled to host Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024.

Super Bowl LVIII; Why Las Vegas Can’t Wait

Super Bowl LVII is more than a year away, and fans are already psyched. For the first time in history, this monumental American event will take place in Las Vegas. Superstar Rihanna will command the halftime stage.

So what does this mean?

Super Bowl in Vegas also means that you will be spoilt for choice in restaurants, bars, and hotels. Bellagio, Caesars Palace, MGM, Luxor, all of the big names offer special, Super Bowl-themed room packages.

The choices are extensive, and you may be confused. So start thinking about it now.

A Super Bowl in Vegas also means money- lots of it. The increased foot traffic in the city will boost local businesses. The President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Steve Hill, stated that the estimated costs for hosting this event will be between $55 and $60 million. However, he said that the city estimates to make over $500 million in revenue.

Las Vegas and Super Bowl LVIII

Fun fact: no city in the country has hosted Super Bowl more times than Miami. The city hosted the event a record 11 times.

New Orleans has hosted it ten times, and LA has done it eight times. If Las Vegas does a good job in 2024, it could end up being a  new sports capital.

Some people argue that Vegas doesn’t really need to host Super Bowl to benefit from it. This is because the city often draws more visitors than the cities that actually host the event. In this case, the economic benefits are usually higher than those of the host cities.

However, who can say no to over $500 million? Local and state taxes are projected to be over $70 million.

Some Few Costs

The opportunity to host the biggest sports event in the country does not come often.

But there are a few costs involved. For example, the city may have to provide police escorts for team owners. It may also have to provide VIPs with free presidential suites at the top hotels.

This is in addition to dealing with the increased traffic mayhem on game day.

The Countdown to Super Bowl LVIII Is On

From the moment that Las Vegas was approved to be the host of Super Bowl LVIII, the excitement reverberated across the city. The Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee has promised that it will do everything in its power to make the event brighter and bigger. Fans, staff, and players will have a thrilling experience.

So, when the biggest lights of the NFL illuminate Las Vegas for the first time ever, where will you be? It should be your goal to be a part of this history.

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