8 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Las Vegas

8 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Las Vegas

Although Vegas has been the Entertainment Capital of the World for some time now, it only celebrated its first recreational cannabis sale on July 1, 2017. In true Vegas fashion, there were fireworks of course.

Since then, the number of dispensaries has grown significantly. Today, I am going to tell you about the 8 best cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas.

#1. Planet 13

Planet 13 is arguably one of the most famous Las Vegas dispensaries. It’s the largest dispensary in the world, hence the “cannabis entertainment complex” title. It’s about half of the size of Walmart. There are 15-foot-tall LED lotus flowers on the roof of the dispensary that stand out, complementing the bright Vegas lights.

When you enter, step onto the interactive floor behind the check-in desk. There are mechanical butterflies that you should then follow through the hallways, past the restaurant, vendors, and coffee shop. The retail space is full of colorful orbs that float overhead and 85 budtenders.

You will soon be able to take a tour of the interactive cannabis museum, Cannabition.

#2. NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace was actually the first dispensary in Las Vegas to have a cannabis tasting room. It’s located in two places in the city and has a 24-hr drive-thru. It sells over 200 brands and has more than 1,100 products. It has a large variety of CBD oils and flowers.

It’s not like other dispensaries either. You don’t have to leave the property to enjoy the product. There is a tasting room, but you must make a reservation for it because of the high number of people that use it. Each sitting in the tasting room is 90 minutes.

#3. Reef Dispensaries

8 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Las Vegas

Reef Dispensaries’ flagship location is near the Strip, but it’s more than just a dispensary. It also grows and produces its own product. It’s actually the exclusive cultivator of Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush. Besides having its own product, it also carries Exotics by Berner, a premium strain by the hip-hop artist, Berner, who was also very helpful in creating the menu of the dispensary.

Most of the 165,000-square-foot facility of the shop is used to produce the product. But its retail section resembles an Apple store, with a minimalist aesthetic.

#4. Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary

This is an upscale dispensary that primarily specializes in high-quality cannabis products and luxury shopping experiences. The shop contains very brightly-lit cases that have flowers, vaporizers, pre-rolls, edibles, and concentrates. There are more products stored in wood drawers behind the register.

This shop welcomes anyone., but it definitely appeals to the more sophisticated client base.

#5. Las Vegas ReLeaf

This dispensary has any cannabis product that you can think of. It has pre-rolls, THC-infused beer, and buds. This is one of the very few marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas that stocks a full line-up of cannabis-infused beers, spirits, wines, tea, elixirs, soda, and coffee.

You can decide to have any product and it will be delivered for free anywhere in Las Vegas. To make it even better, it’s actually one of the most affordable marijuana dispensaries in the city.

#6. Curaleaf

8 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Las Vegas

Curaleaf is located just a few minutes from the Strip. It’s a free-standing cannabis dispensary that grows its own flower brand and produces its own concentrates, edibles and oils. When you get inside, you will find beautiful graffitied brick walls, open car trunks that display the product, and overhead chandeliers. You can also openly view its kitchen where chefs will demonstrate how they make the dibbles.

#7. Cookies

Stoners love Cookies. Its brand is known all over the world. You will find Gary Payton, Girl Scout Cookies, and many more here. Expect a fun vibe.

#8. THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace

Thrive is a very premier cannabis dispensary in Vegas. It offers competitive prices for its top brands like Cookies and Pistola. It has some of the best cannabis discounts in the city and has a reward system for every dollar that you spend.

Inside the shop, there are white walls with the logo of the dispensary. There is also a cannabis leaf against a hexagon that’s green.   

#9. Beyond Hello

8 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Las Vegas

This dispensary is located west of the Strip. You can get topicals, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and pre-rolls among many others. It also offers delivery.

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