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When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’

A virtually unknown performer will be awarded a spot on the Vegas Walk of Stars next month. Accusations of nepotism have reached a fever pitch.

When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’

chavira (French) – [Cha-Vee-RRa] – capsized, overturned, keeled over

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Joe Chavira. Now, raise your hand if you’ve heard of Joe Chavira. Nobody? How can that be when Joe Chavira is about to receive a spot on the Vegas Walk of Stars? It all comes down to nepotism and dollars…but very little sense.

Mr. Chavira would have you believe that he’s created an amazing Sin City legacy, despite the fact that he has been here for a very short time. How long depends on who you ask, but it’s clear that Joe arrived mere months ago with plans to crown himself as the new “King of Las Vegas”. Here’s what he had to say:

“My concept is to expand, diversify, network and multiply my JOE CHAVIRA BRAND. I’m now in communication with Associated Press, Rolling Stone Magazine, Palm Springs Life magazine, La Opinion Hispanic newspaper Los Angeles largest circulation as well as networking with the Las Vegas Asian Philippino Chambers of Commerce and other surrounding chambers inviting and including the CEO’s and Presidents.”

“I’m proud to announce Master of Ceremonies will be President of UNLV Keith Whitfield. It all pyramids to my December 7 STAR presentation on the Las Vegas strip!”

“I’m targeting vast numbers with the Hispanic, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, Caucasians, African American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander markets and all in between….BE THERE DEC. 7 …..DONT MISS IT. Announcing more celebrity and community leaders in Las Vegas …coming soon.” – Joe Chavira

Some things have to be seen to be believed. Witness the legend at work (this is not a spoof, btw)

That sure is a lot of bombast for someone you’ve never heard of. Still, it’s as impressive as a high school yearbook bio. When you think of ‘Vegas Walk of Stars’, your mind gravitates to legends like Dean Martin, Robert Goulet, Celine Dione, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Cher, Ann-Margret, and Siegfried & Roy. Joe believes that he exists on the same plane as those superstars.

“My STAR presentation will be at the Flamingo on the Las Vegas strip. It’s right next to my late songwriting business partner Music Legend Trini Lopez and by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin’s STAR.”

Are you still shrugging from the lack of recognition? That’s okay. Joe isn’t done beating you over the head with his supposedly amazing accomplishments.

When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’

“I move, twist, spin, hit my knees with tons of energy and feelings. The music goes through my body as I sing without having to think of what to do….I combine my Kenpo Karate moves to the beat of the drums making it all natural and the CROWD reacts cheering, clapping and smiling to the highest level.”

“They ask if I took dance lessons and I just reply….NO…it comes from my heart singing my original songs I write and the REWARD is making people HAPPY.” – Joe Chavira
“Confirmed as of yesterday…. I will be on the front cover of February publication 2023 MYVEGAS MAGAZINE the largest circulated magazine in Las Vegas owned by my good friend President/ Owner Mark Shaffer” – Joe Chavira
Perhaps it’s rather telling that MyVegas Magazine is spearheaded by Joe’s good friend Mark Shaffer. And that isn’t the only accusation of nepotism being lobbied at Mr. Chavira. Read on…
When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’

It appears that there are TWO organizations claiming to run this relatively unknown attraction. LAS VEGAS WALK OF STARS – OFFICIAL hasn’t updated its Facebook page since May 31, 2019. I was informed that this organization has gone bankrupt.

Then there’s the NEW LAS VEGAS WALK OF STARS, whose Facebook page was recently created and, according to radio personality Ron Garrett, is the real deal. If you’re confused, that’s understandable. But you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Joe Chavira is being honored by the one that’s bankrupt.

When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’
Joe is reportedly living with Carolie Swindle, a supposedly well-to-do widow who was formerly on the board of the bankrupt Vegas Walk of Stars. It should be noted that this organization requires a $20,000.00 payment from the recipient in order to secure their Star. Who do you suppose has that kind of money?
When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’
When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’
Joe Chavira and Carolie Swindle, along with a few seemingly befuddled friends
Nepotism is one thing, but claiming to be on par with legends like Sinatra isn’t something that longtime Las Vegas performers take kindly to. This city is overflowing with thousands of entertainers who’ve paid their dues and still barely eke out a living, happily sharing their talents without seeking overblown accolades. One such entertainer contacted me with this insight:
“I’ve worked my ass off in this town for years and we’re proud of our Las Vegas residency. However, I still do not feel like I am at the point where I qualify to get my own Star on the Las Vegas Walk. So how is it fair that this guy who has no steady gig, no residency, just moved here a few months ago, and is totally unknown in this town gets one? To add insult to injury, he says that his Star will be right next to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Rumors are that his girlfriend is a lady who is on the committee that decides.”
When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’
“JoeMania” might have a better chance of succeeding with spellcheck…
While one such gripe might seem like a case of sour grapes, my inbox has been flooded with similar reactions to Joe’s inexplicable “achievement”. Here are a few more:
“I always thought a Star was for what you do in the community over an extended period of time…years. Not over 90 days and a few appearances. I have had major success doing things many people dream of. I don’t deserve a Star! I only strive to shine bright like one respecting the community, the people, the industry, and the livelihood of our music!”
“This situation surrounding  Joe Chavira is very negative. He successfully upset everyone in entertainment with his agenda. The ones who are involved here and are still behind him, risk jeopardizing their reputations because of his tactics, and the after-effects will be bad for them. It already is in general because this individual manipulated his way through everyone he came in contact with.”

“I follow him on Facebook (and) am more observant of Joe’s activities because he caused doubt in my mind. I started seeing things I questioned about who he was networking with. He comes off like the nice guy, the boy next door, with a slightly naive demeanor. That is part of his platform to con people.”
“Because of his agenda, he was able to worm his way through the community. His promo campaign on social media is totally perceptive and exaggerated bullshit! Nothing wrong with promoting yourself as long as you don’t hurt or step on people or use them. However, he did just that. His whole plan was to use everyone he could for his own selfish needs…to attain instant status. And that is totally unethical.”
“These actions diminish the legacy and honor of why you receive a Star in the first place. Bottom line: money talks and you can pretty much get anything you want if you’ve got the bread. God love him, who cares, we know as a community who deserves the recognition.”
Talk show host Ron Garrett‘s Vegas career reaches as far back as an encounter with Frank Sinatra and personal conversations with Elvis Presley. Garrett recently posted this witty nomination on his social media. While he didn’t mention any names, the target of his spoof was crystal clear:
When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’
“Today I would like to nominate for a Star on the Las Vegas Strip, my dear friend, Billy the Brick. Billy has been the solid foundation for the growth of Las Vegas since the beginning. He is a pillar of the community and a solid stand-up guy. Billy has been in Vegas since it was dirt. More qualified than others. Let’s get Billy his Star…”
I received a phone call from a Vegas entertainer with a successful residency. A true veteran of the stage with loyal fans, he informed me that Joe Chavira was actually born “Darryl A. Meeks II”. According to the caller, he took on the name “Joe Chavira” because it belonged to a somewhat obscure entertainer who worked in Vegas decades ago. If that’s true, Chavira is conveniently able to claim a Vegas legacy without paying his dues.
When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’
Earlier this year VEGAS 411 introduced you to Mark O’Toole, a consummate Vegas showman. Crooner, comedian, and uproarious host of The Mark O’Toole Show, this witty gentleman added his own two cents, which turned out to be priceless:
There is a gentleman getting a Star on Las Vegas Boulevard in December. I’ve gotten several calls to see if I’ve heard of this guy. The answer is ‘no’ but there were a lot of questions everyone seemed to be asking. How can…someone who has recently come into the community without any history or contribution to the city get the Star? The answer is of course money! Duh…you put $10,000 down after being nominated by anyone and then within 30 days of the ceremony cough up the rest.”
When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’
“I know of 25 entertainers in town that deserve to have a Star on the Boulevard. Your reputation and contribution to this town are what SHOULD get you the Star. But you can’t blame the person in charge of deciding. Guaranteed if you hand over 20 grand your ass is gonna have a Star.”
“If it were up to me, I’d have a ceremony once a year and have ten people who deserve a Star get one! And I would make it possible that no one pays for this nonsense. But that’s just me. By the way on a side note, $20 ensures your name on a Star on Boulder Highway with the finest quality chalk money can buy.”
There’s a lot more to this bizarre tale, and VEGAS 411 has you covered. Click here for Part Two.
When Is a Star Not a Star? When His Name is ‘Joe Chavira’
Note: some quotes were slightly edited for length, grammar/punctuation, and clarity. 

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