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Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

“Sexy”, “funny” and “fascinating” are just a few of the words to describe Sin City’s fashionista songbird. VEGAS 411 dared the EVOLVE star to dive into another installment of our “Ten Questions With…”

Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

If you caught my recent piece on NOTORIETY‘s new entertainment line-up, you’re aware that bubbly Kelly Vohnn will soon be unveiling her latest production. EVOLVE is a gal-centric journey through music, powered by the vision of sensational dancer/producer Jennifer Romas.

After a few formal articles dedicated to Kelly’s performances and holiday CD release, I thought it might be fun to rope this Urban Cowgirl into the corral for a bronco-busting ride of frivolous nonsense.

Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

I presented Kelly with a Q&A that included the irreverent, the romantic, a bit of seriousness, and maybe a little innocent T&A. Always a great sport, the gorgeous songstress hopped onto the horse and dropped her…barriers. Let’s see what she revealed.

Kelly Vohnn can perform an entire show as any one of a number of celebrities, including Dolly Parton. So the question is, what’s your idea of the worst way to spend a “9 to 5” day?

“My worst way to spend a 9 to 5 day is when I’m bored. I hate being bored. I can enjoy my alone time but if I’m not thinking about a new project or being creative in some way then I can become bored. That’s not fun to me.”

Your wardrobe, no matter casual or while onstage, is never less than spectacular. My question is…do “the girls” have names? 

“Well thank you for complimenting my outfits, lol. My husband has named ‘them’ many things. One of the funnier names, let’s just say, the last name is McGee. If you haven’t seen “Anchorman” then that might not be funny.”

The long-awaited album A KELLY VOHNN CHRISTMAS finally arrived this past holiday season. If you weren’t already happily involved, would you wish for Sylvester Stallone, Matthew McConaughey, or Julio Iglesias under your tree on Christmas morning?

“Sam, I actually have “a list”. And if I run into one of those people, I’m allowed to have my way with them. And wouldn’t you know it, Sylvester Stallone AND Matthew McConaughey are BOTH on my list! I might have to add Julio for some giggles.”

Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

It’s February 12th and the final performance of EVOLVE has wrapped. You want to celebrate with a romantic weekend. Are you wearing an evening gown to Cosmopolitan’s CHANDELIER BAR for a glass of bubbly? Or are you making s’mores with your man in the fireplace of a snow-covered mountain cabin?
“I’m definitely making s’mores with my man in a snow-covered cabin in the mountains. We love the outdoors.”

Kittens or puppies? Popcorn or cookies? Opera or Gaga?

“All of the above lol. Puppies and kittens are so soft, cuddly, adorable, and very dependent on you for everything. I love their innocence, just like little babies. I prefer kettle corn popcorn and I’m now gluten-free so if it’s GF, then bring on the cookies. Especially if they’re chocolate! I’ve actually never been to an opera but had a show that was pop opera. It was fun. I appreciate Gaga as an artist.”

Your creative collaborator is prolific producer/choreographer/performer Jennifer Romas (of SEXXY and the new EXXCITE). You appear to be having a wonderful time together while promoting EVOLVE. How do Kelly and Jennifer spend a “girls’ night out”?
Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

Vohnn and Jennifer Romas

“Jennifer and I are both incredibly busy people. We have this project, EVOLVE, and we both have other projects and family. We have had a few glasses of wine together. When we aren’t working on the project we are discussing our families and what we want for future goals relating to them.”

A bit of “heavy subject matter” for a moment: EVOLVE celebrates every age and stage of women through comedy and music. How does a sophisticated, sexy lady navigate the ever-changing line between “exploitation” and “empowerment”?

“Hmmm…exploitation and empowerment. An empowered woman knows her worth, knows she is confident and independent, and has a mind of her own. Her intent going into a situation greatly defines how she chooses to navigate as a woman.”

Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

You’ve promised guest performers during EVOLVE’s January/February run at NOTORIETY. If you could return an iconic singer back from the grave for just one duet, who would it be?

“I would definitely love to sing a duet with Elvis Presley. I would have absolutely drank everything in. His talent and his charm and above all his nativity. I would ask Dolly Parton if we could do the duet, “I Will Always Love You” and she could keep the publishing. That way no one’s heart would break.”

Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

Kelly with Michael Shapiro at RECKLESS IN VEGAS

Popular singer and show host Mark O’Toole joked that he was rehearsing “Welcome to Wal-Mart” during the pandemic. If you were forced to make a major career change, where would we find Kelly Vohn?

“Oh, you would definitely find me playing poker! During WSOP (World Series of Poker), I would be at the Venetian and wherever they’re holding the main event now. For years it was at the Rio. I would be in Canada the rest of the year playing poker online because it’s still not legal in the US.”

Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

As Sin City continues to evolve, live shows have faced a bit of turbulence. Do you think Vegas will always be the “City of Entertainment”?

“Vegas will definitely always be the “City of Entertainment “ but the form of entertainment is ever-evolving and corporations are always trying to figure out how to stay ahead of the curve. Gaming revenue has been declining for decades.”

“Casinos are gambling with creative ideas to keep people interested in coming to the Mecca. So entertainment is here to stay. What that looks like, no one really knows. Right now it’s big sports arenas, fabulous restaurants, and major recording artist headliners. But there’s still a need for the little people like me.”

Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

While she may refer to herself as one of the “little people”, Kelly Vohnn is a towering talent who should not be missed. EVOLVE will perform at NOTORIETY on January 29th, February 5th, and February 12th at 7 pm. Tickets are available here.

NOTORIETY is located at 300 Fremont Street on the third level of NEONOPOLIS. Parking is available underneath Neonopolis. From 4th Street, enter the ramp just past Denny’s and take elevator to the 3rd floor.

Ten EVOLVE-ing Questions for Vivacious Kelly Vohnn

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