MonDre – Prince of ‘LATE NIGHT MAGIC’

Amazing purple-clad magician will make you believe in the powers of sorcery…

As a fan of the award-winning LATE. NIGHT MAGIC, I’ve written many a word about this avant-garde exercise in adult hilarity. And yet, I’ve been somewhat silent about its mysterious standout known as MonDre, the ‘Master Manipulator’. Not anymore.

Perhaps I’ve been reluctant to boast about MonDre’s artistry because the stunning performer leaves me speechless each and every time. And the less you know about his act going in, the more astounded you’ll be astounded.

Unlike some magicians who pad their acts with banter, political grandstanding, flashing lights, and other distractions, MonDre is completely silent. But this is no Penn-and-Teller knock-off or gimmick. His performance is a ballet of movement, facial expressions, and gasp-inducing wizardry, all set to a curated, rhythmic soundtrack.

MonDre’s birth name, according to his Facebook page, is “Mike Douglas”. The rest of his personal information is a bit of a mystery. I know that he’s a soft-spoken gentleman with wonderful manners and a love for animals, but that’s about it.

An elusive background only adds to the intrigue, and it somewhat bolsters my theory that ‘The Magician Who Channels Prince’ is actually a wizard or sorcerer. I’ll be sure to stay on his good side.

Along with class, sass, and an undeniable “wow factor”, Sir MonDre is a multiple award winner. He was invited to compete in the Grand Prix Magiques in Monte Carlo, sponsored by Prince Albert and Monaco’s Royal Family. He won the prestigious Baguette D’Or honor there, making him the first (and so far, only) African-American to do so.

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Since then he’s taken his skills everywhere from South Korea to Australia, Greece to Switzerland. MonDre is also a favorite at the one and only MAGIC CASTLE in Los Angeles. That’s the true home for Magical Arts and a place of legend where Harry Potter would fit right in.

Here in Sin City, MonDre has confounded audiences at MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood, and Tropicana. Now a part of the wild cast at LATE NIGHT MAGIC, he closes out every performance with what may be the single most shocking trick ever seen in an intimate space.

LATE NIGHT MAGIC is currently in the running for “Best of Las Vegas“. The adults-only show takes place on weekends at 11 pm and is a favorite hangout for celebs like David Copperfield, Nathan Burton, Jarrett and Raja, and Tape Face. But no matter who you may be sitting next to, the real star is the guy in purple. And he will blow you away.

LATE NIGHT MAGIC performs Friday and Saturday evenings at 11 pm inside The Modern Showrooms of Alexis Park Resort (375 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169). Tickets start at $49.95 (plus taxes/fees) and can be ordered here. Audience members must be 21 years of age or older.

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