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DISNEY ANIMATION Goes “Immersive” with a New Strip Attraction

Lighthouse Immersive brings Walt Disney’s best to Shops at Crystals for a limited engagement…

There are some who feel that the term “immersive experience” has reached a point of saturation. Marketing firms use it to describe everything from production shows to restaurants. True immersive attractions are popping up all over Las Vegas, with no signs of slowing down. DISNEY ANIMATION IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE is the latest, and this one is a true must-see.

From AREA 15‘s The Portal and Illuminarium to FlyOver Vegas and Venetian‘s $2 billion SPHERE, companies are betting big bucks that immersive experiences will continue to capture the imagination. The Walt Disney Company has already been doing that since 1923. Put those two elements together and you have a glorious experience for adults…and the children they may happen to bring along.

All of us can relate to a particular Disney story, song, or park memory. They’re part of our culture…something that will undoubtedly continue for generations. This was clearly evident on March 30th, when Lighthouse Immersive ArtSpace debuted its latest attraction.

Lighthouse Immersive should not be confused with The Lighthouse, which presented PARTICLE INK: Speed of Dark (another immersive exhibit) to great acclaim in the Arts District last year. It’s all very confusing, but try to keep up.

Members of the media, executives, entertainers, celebrities, and diehard fans lined up on March 30th for a sneak peek. They enjoyed popcorn, cotton candy, photo ops, and a pre-show gallery before being ushered into the cavernous space for an official unveiling.

Host speakers commemorated the artists and technicians behind the new attraction, along with operators of the facility itself. Of course, the biggest shout-out went to Walt Disney and his legacy of animation. The attraction, which was announced last October, pulls from nearly a century of artistry in Walt’s vault.

Timeless fables like Snow White, Cinderella, and Pinocchio share time with modern classics The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. Even recent hits like Frozen, Encanto, and Zootopia are represented.

The creative team at DISNEY ANIMATION IMMERSIVE is spearheaded by Oscar-winning producer J. Miles Dale (2018 Best Picture Winner “The Shape of Water”). In the initial press release, Dale said that “Trailblazing in a new medium is always exciting, and this is truly going to be the most challenging and rewarding project of my career. Being entrusted with Disney’s rich archive of animation is a great honor, but also a tremendous responsibility.”

KTNV’s JJ Snyder strolls through Disney Animation Immersive  

Joining Dale on the technical side is Lighthouse Immersive founder Corey Ross, Mexican multi-media firm Cocolab, and Disney Animation’s Oscar-nominated producer Dorothy McKim (Meet The Robinsons, Big Hero 6).

DISNEY ANIMATION IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE has opened or will be heading to numerous cities around the United States. They include Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Minneapolis, San Antonio, and Denver. Our Las Vegas presentation boasts 119,000 frames of video, 259,000 cubic feet of projection space, 151.8 million pixels of color and light…and lots of bubbles!

98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons and daughter Ariahuna pose under a sea of bubbles…

Tickets come in a variety of levels, including “Premium” and VIP. Discounts are available for families of 4 or more and for groups of ten or greater. The attraction is suitable for all ages.

DISNEY ANIMATION IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE operates daily through September 3rd. Performance times vary by day. Click here for the full schedule and to make reservations. Lighthouse Immersive ArtHouse is located on the second level of Shops at Crystals, next to Aria Hotel Casino. Complimentary valet parking is available. 

Photos and video by VEGAS 411


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