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ANNE MARTINEZ – Ten Fiery Questions with BAT OUT OF HELL’s “Sloane”

ANNE MARTINEZ – Ten Fiery Questions with BAT OUT OF HELL’s “Sloane”

Artwork by u/adastra041 @reddi, photo by Patrick Rivera

Even in a city overflowing with powerhouse vocalists, few can match the range and emotional impact of Anne Martinez. Actress, dancer, singer, designer, and humanitarian are just a few ways to describe this dynamo. Audiences adore her, and Las Vegas residents are fortunate to have Anne as a valued member of the community.

Meticulously navigating the fine line between “good girl” and “temptress”, Ms. Martinez is a casting agent’s dream. A fiery redhead with the voice of an angel, she’s been featured in an impressive list of outstanding Strip productions like FANTASY, SHOWSTOPPERS, and WORLD’S GREATEST ROCK SHOW.

Earlier this summer, Anne appeared in RECKLESS IN VEGAS at Sahara Hotel with her friend Michael Shapiro, and was previously in the band RED PENNY ARCADE. Somehow, she even found time to create BBR Productions. The company’s signature show is ALICE: A Steampunk Concert Fantasy, which explores the darker edges of fabled “Wonderland”.

ANNE MARTINEZ – Ten Fiery Questions with BAT OUT OF HELL’s “Sloane”

The cast of ALICE: A Steampunk Concert Fantasy

I first interviewed Anne exactly six years ago (available here), when she was starring in the Palazzo Hotel production of BAZ. This musical extravaganza is based on the bombastic films of ELVIS director Baz Lurhmann. Anne alternated between MOULIN ROUGE‘s “Satine” and THE GREAT GATSBY‘s “Daisy” to amazing effect. Now she’s bringing her unique voice to “Sloane”, the beleaguered matriarch of BAT OUT OF HELL (full review here).

Much like her ALICE production, BAT OUT OF HELL takes a familiar intellectual property (the landmark album series by Jim Steinman and MEAT LOAF) and weaves a futuristic tale of love, heartbreak, and destiny. With the Halloween season in full swing, I thought it might be fun to pose ten BAT OUT OF HELL-inspired questions based on its song titles. Here’s what happened:

BAT OUT OF HELL – You’re a designer of elaborate clothing, lingerie, and costumes. Imagine that you’re in your wildest outfit ever….where are you heading out to raise Hell?

“I would probably want to raise hell on Fremont Street watching Zowie Bowie. Yeah, definitely watching Zoe boy on Fremont Street. Because it can get that shit crazy out there.”

ANNE MARTINEZ – Ten Fiery Questions with BAT OUT OF HELL’s “Sloane”

YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH – Everyone seems to have a favorite quote or mantra to motivate, heal, or just spur their creative side. What is yours?

“No fear. I always say that to myself because that’s really what performing is all about. You have to have absolutely no fear and put your heart and soul out there, risk it all, tell the story, and be brave. You have to be fearless.”

HEAVEN CAN WAIT – Even the purest souls sometimes have a naughty side. What’s the most shocking thing you’ve done that would still allow you through the Pearly Gates?

“Oh my God, Sam. I’m so boring! I’m sure my sorority sisters will have a few stories… But they’re bound to silence!”

Video clip by Merrilee Gaines

TWO OUT OF THREE AIN’T BAD – You’ve just won the world’s most amazing lottery and get to choose two out of three prizes. They are 1) your own casino resort, 2) a mountain cabin next to a secluded lake, and 3) unlimited flights for two, anywhere in the world, for the rest of your life. Which one of the three do you pass on?

“Unlimited flights!”

ALL REVVED UP WITH NO PLACE TO GO – You and your husband Johnny Martinez (a rigger for Cirque du Soleil) have a seemingly perfect relationship. Can you describe a romantic evening together at home?

“The perfect evening at home for us would probably be a home-cooked meal, snuggled up and watching something silly on YouTube.”

ANNE MARTINEZ – Ten Fiery Questions with BAT OUT OF HELL’s “Sloane”

Anne and Johnny Martinez

WASTED YOUTH – “BAT OUT OF HELL – The Musical” features a LOST BOYS-type gang of eternally youthful men and women. If you could remain at one stage of your life forever, what period would that be?


PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT – Have you ever made “whoopee” in an automobile? And where was it parked?

“SAM!!! Lol. The garage!”

ANNE MARTINEZ – Ten Fiery Questions with BAT OUT OF HELL’s “Sloane”

With castmate Travis Cloer. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Scott

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD – Is there a particular song you’ve performed that causes you to cry onstage?

“Power of Love by Céline Dion. It’s such a beautiful song and it just makes me think about my husband every time I sing it.”

ANNE MARTINEZ – Ten Fiery Questions with BAT OUT OF HELL’s “Sloane”

I’D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE – You have adopted numerous animals and offered your time to a number of charities and services. Is there a particular one that touches your heart the most?

“There are so many wonderful charities and I especially love the ones that offer rehabilitation but especially care for older animals. I’ve had wonderful experiences with NSPCA and The Animal Foundation. I’ve adopted animals from both places. I think the most important thing about being a rescuer is just having the patience for an animal to get over a broken heart. Because they have so much love to give.”

OBJECTS IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR – It’s often said that hindsight is 20/20. Have you ever given your all to a particular project and then wished you’d done things differently?

“I don’t have any regrets because even if something didn’t work out or even if it broke my heart in some way, I learned an important lesson that I could take with me as I move forward.”

Bonus Question: ROCK AND ROLL DREAMS COME TRUE – So many established and budding artists dream of having a show on the world-famous Vegas Strip. You’ve accomplished this many times over. Has reality caught up with you or does it still feel like a fever dream?

“It’ll always be the most wonderful of dreams that I get to live. That’s what’s so wonderful about being an entertainer. You’re constantly moving between reality and dreams, reminding people of wonderful times in their life, telling them a new story, and creating something new. It’s pretty wonderful.”

BAT OUT OF HELL – THE MUSICAL performs at Paris Hotel every Tuesday through Sunday at 7 pm. Tickets start at $52 plus taxes/fees and can be reserved here. The show is intended for adult audiences. 

ANNE MARTINEZ – Ten Fiery Questions with BAT OUT OF HELL’s “Sloane”

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