Would the Las Vegas Raiders have more success with two quarterbacks?

What do the Las Vegas Raiders have to lose?

While you might not see the value in a two-quarterback system for the team, there isn’t much of a downside. Think about it! Sure, it'll require the offense to split their time between two quarterbacks in practice, but it will also force the opposing team to come prepared for a wider variety of offensive moves.

Between Josh Jacobs and Marcus Mariota being great runners and Derek Carr’s cannon arm, the team could gain a massive advantage over the rest of the league. For example, let’s say the Raiders are having trouble getting the run game going with Jacobs. All the Raiders need to do is bring in Mariota as Quarterback and complete a couple of run plays to loosen things up.

Or maybe they need Mariota’s ability to throw on the run and bring him in for a nice 15-yard catch to Hunter Renfrow for a first down. The point is, this gives the Raiders a chance to utilize every talent on their roster and keep defenses guessing in the process. It could even force other teams to experiment with the practice to gain their own edge. 

If nothing else, the Raiders need to try something different. Fans are tired of quarterback conversations. They want results. 

Let’s try another example. This time let’s say Carr is struggling against a divisional opponent and the team is down 17-3 at halftime.Why not put Mariota in for the rest of the game and see how he does against their opponents? This give each Quarterback time to stay fresh when they take the field, and it also cuts each quarterback’s injury chances in half.

Again, what do they have to lose by doing this? The time has come to try something. Mark Davis tried bringing in the best defensive pieces to build a super team and it didn’t work. They tried to prime Carr for several years and it didn’t work. They even brought in Josh Jacobs and it didn’t work. That’s why the answer doesn’t  lay with only one of these men, but with all of them as a whole. T