Experience the interesting culture of Hawaiians at the California Hotel

The number of Hawaiians in Las Vegas is growing every day, contributing to the city's vibrant culture. 

The California Hotel is one of the most popular places for Hawaiians to visit while in Vegas. It' also one of the many reasons why Hawaiians began coming into Vegas more frequently.

The history of Hawaiians coming into Vegas begins with one Sam Boyd. Back in the 1940s, he was the mastermind behind an illegal gambling business in Hawaii. After a while, he moved to Vegas and began a legitimate and legal casino business. Years later, in 1975, he opened the California Hotel, which had no association with his Hawaiian roots in the beginning. The hotel did not attract business as anticipated and was on the verge of bankruptcy and shutting down. Boyd figured that he would need to have a specific target market for the hotel if the business was to survive. This was when he decided to make the California Hotel a little Hawaii in Vegas, home away from home.


The first and most important thing to do was to invest in Hawaiian cuisine to attract more Hawaiians to the hotel. He sent his chef to Hawaii to learn how to prepare authentic Hawaiian meals. Next, he needed to draw people to the hotel. He did this by coming up with an all-in-one package where for a subsidized rate, clients could access air tickets, a room at the hotel, and a coupon offering three meals a day. Amazingly, this package is still functional to date.

Despite evolving times and more hotel establishments coming up over the years, the California Hotel in Downtown Vegas continues to adopt the same business model. It's a common venue for hosting Hawaiian ceremonies and other events such as family meetings and high school reunions.

It's also popular among non-Hawaiians who want to experience the interesting culture of Hawaiians. The cuisine is different and a delicacy that has grown on many locals who visit the hotel regularly. The Aloha spirit has also been shared within the area, a Hawaiian philosophy that encourages human beings to give wholeheartedly without expecting anything else in return. It's a little Hawaii, and if in Vegas, it is a great destination to visit for a special Hawaiian feel.

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