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When Superstars Support Up-And-Coming Entertainers

Headliners David Copperfield and Donny Osmond make surprise appearances at smaller shows…..

David Copperfield Visits LATE NIGHT MAGIC at Alexis Park Resort

Recently, VEGAS 411 revealed that during the pandemic, several wealthy Vegas entertainers like Criss Angel pocketed millions of taxpayer-funded grants while everyone else suffered (read here and here). Fortunately, not all superstars are cut from the same cloth.

Last week, both David Copperfield and Donny Osmond showed up at small venues to cheer on their counterparts. In the case of Mr. Osmond, it was a trip to Mosaic on the Strip for a performance of MJ – The Evolution (read our review here). While this was exciting for everyone in the cast and crew, it was especially thrilling for Derrick Boyce, who was a longtime performer in Flamingo’s DONNY and MARIE.

The cast of Harrah’s DONNY OSMOND show

Boyce is one of the hardest-working entertainers in the city. Along with dancing, he’s a model, choreographer, and actor who’s appeared in films with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman. Currently rehearsing with the rest of the cast for Osmond’s upcoming solo residency at Harrah’s, he plans to continue performing at MJ – The Evolution on opposite evenings. So imagine his excitement when the big guy came to cheer him on at Mosaic’s new production.

“Thank you Donny Osmond and cast for coming to watch Miki, Catherine and I perform in #MJEvolution. Donny’s the best…literally. Feeling fantastic at Mosaiconthestrip.”

Donny Osmond visits MJ – The Evolution at MOSAIC ON THE STRIP

Alexis Park Resort on Harmon Avenue is one of those “little engines that could”. The off-Strip destination is home to several small productions including BurlesQ, Rock Candy, and All Motown. Fans of the unusual are drawn to Late Night Magic, an adults-only variety show. Late Night Magic is hosted by award-winning Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich and features taboo illusions by John Shaw of Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum fame.

This past Saturday, magician David Copperfield quietly attended a performance at Late Night Magic. Cast member Rudy Coby tells it this way:

“What a great surprise that David Copperfield came to the show last night at Late Night Magic! AnnaRose Einarsen and I attended his show earlier in the evening and we told him we were performing a crazy new act together – he laughed at the description, but we never imagined that he would secretly buy tickets and show up to see it that night! (He texted from his booth after our performance, which is a good thing because we would have been nerve-wracked if we knew he was there – it was only our second performance, so anything can happen).”

“Not only was it a fun show, but David was incredibly supportive – not only did he BUY a ticket – (I have a photo of the ticket on his phone!) – but he stayed long afterward, taking photos and being very gracious with his compliments. Even better, when they threw us out of the showroom we went to the adjacent lounge and he hung out making everyone laugh hard with showbiz stories and we talked about how this is the way the old Vegas used to be: you would do your own show, but then there was always a late-night show you could go afterward and then hang out with your fellow performers. He was so funny and sincere about his love of performing, it made me proud to be in the same business as him – his show earlier that night blew my mind, but he was even funnier offstage sharing stories I’ve never heard before.”

Copperfield with John Shaw of LATE NIGHT MAGIC

There’s no question that the future of live entertainment is currently in flux. When successful performers revisit their humble beginnings, they inspire and motivate others to push, persevere and succeed. Thanks to stars like Donny Osmond and David Copperfield, up-and-coming entertainers just got a much-needed boost. 

Cast of MJ – The Evolution

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