It could be a while before sports fans get to see their team's play live again, but the wait should be worth it

Imagine Allegiant Stadium filled to the brim with fans ready to see their new NFL team in action. By now, this was supposed to be reality. However,  the stadium is empty, and the Raiders played their games without a crowd.  And they weren’t the only team that had to go through this.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Las Vegas Aces also had no fans at their games. There was no energy in the building at all, and everything is focused on the playing field.  There's just no sense of momentum.

When do we go back though? When will Raider Nation be rocking Allegiant stadium? What about The Aces, will fans return to the Mandalay Bay sports center? Lastly, what about T Mobile Arena? When will Las Vegas Golden Knights fans get to see their favorite players dueling it out on the ice?

Right now, sources say it'll happen this year. Not next week, but sometime this year. We'll see.