What you need to know about the 2021 Las Vegas Raiders season.

What can fans expect from the Las Vegas Raiders in 2021?

Early word is mixed on the Silver and black returning to Super Bowl glory. Even making the playoffs might be a reach. Thelines.com lists the Las Vegas Raiders at +1400 to win the AFC, +3200 to win the AFC in the playoffs, and a whopping +6500 to win the Super Bowl.  It seems like the oddsmakers aren't impressed by free agency moves like signing Kenyan Drake and need to see more production. They also managed to lose four out of their last six games of the season, making a comeback look even more unlikely. There's just nothing about the Raiders that scream playoff threat right now.

Keep in mind that these are the same types of odds given to the Atlanta Falcons, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. What can you expect? Their defense ranked in the high 20's last season and screwed the team on more than one occasion. Some blame goes to their kickers as well, who missed key field goals that could have helped seal victories.

In the end, the oddsmakers don't seem very inclined to believe that the Raiders are going to have a good season, which should have any fan second-guessing what will take place. At the very least, fans will probably have to manage their expectations for this year and start to gain trust in the team again over time. Who knows, the Raiders might even be able to limp into the playoffs with a wild card spot if they're lucky enough.