Traveling to Las Vegas? Bring Comfortable Shoes

Walking The Strip is much easier than trying to find a car
Traveling to Las Vegas? Bring Comfortable Shoes

Tourists often make a major mistake when they go to Las Vegas- they bring along fancy high heel and dress shoes but forget to pack sneakers. Sure it is nice to look sexy, seductive, and gorgeous, but at the same time, you need to know a few things about Sin City. The place is hot, dry, and packed with tourists. If you’re going anywhere, you’ll be weaving in out of thick crowds while the sun beats down on you. And you’ll quickly realize that to get anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s often a good idea to walk rather than wait for a car. 

So, coming to Vegas without a decent pair of comfortable shoes can be a nightmare. If you decide to buy a pair of comfortable shoes on the Strip, the price might be 2x times more than normal. So sure, bring along high heels but limit them to walking from the hotel and your casino/restaurant. At the same time, bring along a pair of flats and good sneakers, and they will serve you well. You’ll also see many people wearing open sandals because the heat can be stifling in Vegas. Who wants sweaty feet? 

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