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Sports Bet of the Week: Man Wins BIG After Conor McGregor Beatdown

Imagine winning 400,000 dollars after Dustin Poirier defeated Conner McGregor and doing this with it.
Sports Bet of the Week: Man Wins BIG After Conor McGregor Beatdown

There s something about getting lucky that makes you feel special. Maybe it was a couple of quinellas at the racetrack. You get on a  groove, and you’re suddenly glued to the screen watching the next race play out. It s a magical time in your life, but it seldom lasts long. 

Fortunately for one man who bet big on Dustin Poirier to defeat Conner McGregor, that s exactly what happened, banking him over 500,00 dollars in cold hard cash. Keep in mind that Poirier came into the bout as the heavy underdog, especially since McGregor clocked him the last time they met for a technical knockout, and you can see how big this was.

And what do you do when you make half a million dollars off an underdog in a highly televised UFC match? While one might think the obvious answer is to collect your winnings and get the hell out of there, the unidentified man had other plans. In fact, he was debating whether he should walk away or bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to defeat the Green Bay Packers last weekend.

The man ultimately decided to put 500,000 dollars on Tommy Terrific to defeat the Green Bay Packers and won an extra 450,000 dollars when they eventually won. If nothing else, getting lucky once is like this once in a lifetime magical feeling, but to get two bets in a row correct for the kind of money… this dude is something else. The man pulled in over a million dollars and got very lucky twice in two very different sports disciplines.

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