Treasure Island's new skin-fest is balls-to-the-walls with fire, whips, dragons, heroes, salsa dancing, showers, and a whole lotta bare ass....

Let's acknowledge a known but oft-ignored fact: Sin City can be a whole lot of hyperbole. Despite its reputation as a place without limits, many of the more daring activities like prostitution are actually illegal. So are drugs, and don't even think about walking down Fremont Street with a bottle of beer. Sexy revues, especially those of the female variety, promise a lot of sizzle and envelope-pushing, but most are as tame as a Hallmark card. Well, not anymore. The men of UNCENSORED INTERNATIONAL have landed in Las Vegas. And once you get a taste of UNCENSORED, nothing else will ever measure up.

UNCENSORED takes a sly approach to being the new kid on the block. The eight-man troupe came to Las Vegas out of nowhere. No announcements, no hype...then suddenly they were heating up billboards all over the city. The same holds true with their opening number. What starts off as an innocuous riff of Blue Man Group transforms into a primal scream, replete with soaking wet shirts, in-your-face disrobing, and tribal chants. It's enough to make you check your pulse. 

For the next eighty or so minutes, this raw foray into erotic entertainment not only pushes boundaries, it throws a few of them out onto the sidewalk. Anyone expecting a pale imitation of Chippendales-style Ken dolls will be in for a mighty big surprise. The leather-clad international cast isn't restrained by American hangups...or stages, for that matter. They're all over the venue, in the air, on top of tables, and swinging from poles. Before the evening is over, audience members will be picked up, turned upside down, surrounded by fire, tied to crosses, spanked, licked, splashed, and tossed around a bed. It's just that wild. And unlike MAGIC MIKE LIVE, UNCENSORED doesn't pepper its audience with plants to bring onstage.

The men of UNCENSORED are stars in their home countries. Award-winning dancers, bodybuilders, models, athletes, and actors, they come from Brazil, Italy,  Venezuela, Ukraine, Argentina, and Hungary. Each one is a stunning physical specimen, with physiques and faces that would meet most criteria for perfection. Even more appealing is the fact that their audience interaction conveys a level of enthusiasm rarely seen onstage. These guys may be working hard, but they're having an absolute blast!

Despite its stealthy appearance on the Strip last month, this international favorite has traveled around the world for seven years. That might explain its impressive production values, imaginative sequences, dazzling costumes, and cutting-edge choreography. The soundtrack wisely avoids cliched "male stripper songs" that have been recycled ad nauseum since Magic Mike (the movie) debuted. Instead, you'll be blasted by the sounds of Kanye West, Marilyn Manson, Michele Morrone, Nine Inch Nails, KDA, Icky Thump, Rob Zombie, and....Michael Buble. Trust me, that last one brings down the house.

Several of the guys have an opportunity to shine in extended solos. These include a pole sequence, erotic bondage, a vintage-Vegas song, and a fire act. The cast positively soars in group fantasy numbers depicting a locker-room shower, barbarian brawls, a prison line-up, and an on-your-feet salsa party. Things wrap up with each guy proudly clad in the flag of his nation. 

The fast-moving show is hosted by Shannel, a rapid-fire emcee of limitless improv skills. Boasting stunning costume changes between every song, this towering talent puts the guys through their paces....sometimes even on a leash. And if you're wondering whether men are welcome to the show, they absolutely are. Guests of every persuasion will find something to love at UNCENSORED. Straight or gay, male or female (and anything in between), you are sure to have a fantastic time. 

Hard rocking, genre-busting, heart-pounding, packed with excitement and crazy to the max, UNCENSORED is what Las Vegas is all about. It's a sure-fire candidate for the Best New Show of 2021. 

UNCENSORED performs nightly (dark Mondays) at Senor Frog's Showroom inside Treasure Island. Tickets start at $65.00 (plus taxes/fees). Click here for showtimes and reservations. 

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