They're expensive but offer loads of fun

Millennials flock to las vegas not just because of the casinos but for fun and excitement at the pool parties. Over the past few years, Las Vegas has gone wild- today, there are at least a dozen pools that offer topless bathing. These topless pools are packed on any given weekend; the music is loud, the wine and beer overflowing, and the crowd is wild- it is all about fun. However, before one gets carried away with the topless beauties, there are a few things you should know.

  1. All the pools have an entrance fee that ranges from $20-$70 depending on the day and any ongoing festivity. Girls usually are allowed in for free.
  2. No cameras and no pictures are allowed- this is strictly enforced.
  3. Proper attire is required at most pools to enter. If you dress like a bum, you will not be allowed in.
  4. In most topless pools, the majority of people are couples, but there are always a few singles.
  5. There is nothing free at these clubs. You have to rent the deck chairs and cabanas. The lazy chairs start at $100 and can go as high as $300, depending on the day. The cabanas usually start at $500 and go as high as $4000. The food is not cheap, either. 
  6. Beers start at $8, and wines start at around $50. A simple burger and fries will cost you a minimum of $25-$40.
  7. Almost every weekend there are parties or live music at the poolside and on such occasions, the place is crowded.
  8. Not all women go topless, but by the time the beer and wine are flowing, many women lose their top.

Some of the topless pools in Vegas include the following:

  1. BARE POOL LOUNGE, The Mirage, North Strip. Great atmosphere but does get loud and wild.
  2. DAYDREAM, the M Resort, Henderson- most people love this place.
  3. EUROPEAN POOLS, Wynn & Encore, North Strip. The most expensive and only open to guests. 
  4. MARQUEE DAYCLUB, The Cosmopolitan, Mid-Strip. All about fun but not cheap
  5. MOOREA BEACH CLUB, Mandalay Bay, South Strip. Mainly couples here but very expensive
  6. NAKED POOL, Artisan Hotel Boutique, Off-Strip. Small and selective about who they allow in
  7. RADIUS ROOFTOP POOL AND WET LOUNGE, Stratosphere, Off-Strip, one of the cheapest but and mainly young people
  8. TAO BEACH, The Venetian, North Strip, similar to Marquee Pool and not that cheap
  9. VENUS EUROPEAN POOL LOUNGE, Caesars Palace, Mid-Strip. Very expensive but this is the place where you are more likely to meet other singles.
  10. SAPPHIRE POOL. Sapphire Gentlemen's Club, Off-Strip. This is an expensive Gentlemen’s club and mostly known for its bachelor parties