Hiking in Las Vegas

Most people go to Las Vegas to have fun, eat, visit the casinos, and see the exciting shows. Unfortunately,  putting on a few pounds around the waistline is very common after spending a few days in Sin City.

 However, for those who want to have fun in LV and also maintain their fitness, the city has at least a dozen recreational parks. Just half an hour from the city, one will come across a rugged and beautiful desert environment that also includes mountains, gushing fast flowing rivers, canyons, and steep rock formations. Hiking around these areas is not only exciting but offers relief from the congestion of the Strip. 

However, hiking in these areas does require some preparation. You will need lots of water, a wide-brimmed hat, rugged boots, sun tanning lotion, and a mobile phone -just in case you get lost or hurt. Most of these places offer a day’s adventure. Try to leave the hotel early in the morning and be back by early evening. These trails and recreational parks are best avoided during the summer afternoon, as the weather is hot and humid. Here is a list of some trials that will help you get rid of excess fat around your thighs and waist:

1. Fire Wave trail is a relatively easy hike with well-marked reflector posts. Since much of the trail is on soft sand or rocky slopes, it is not suitable for handicapped individuals.

2. Fortification Hill is located near Hoover Dam and the Black Mountains in Lake Mead. This hike offers a spectacular view of the landscape. A hike in this area is highly recommended for everyone.

3. Las Vegas Overlook: The trail to the Las Vegas Overlook is via the Muffin Boulders. The hike offers scenic views of the Las Vegas valley and skyline. The best feature of this trail is that it is not always crowded with tourists and vehicles.

4. Icebox Canyon trail is located in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Park. It is only a short drive from downtown Las Vegas. The hike offers some of the best scenic views of the desert. Once you enter the canyons the temperature is cooler. There is plenty of wildlife to be seen.

5. Calico Tanks trail also located in Red Canyon National conservation park offers superb scenery. However, the uphill hike can be hard and one needs to bring along plenty of water. 

Other great hikes include the First Creek Pool + Waterfall, Frenchman Mountain, Arizona Hot Springs, Petroglyph Canyon, and Mary Jane Falls.

It is highly recommended that you hike with a partner and be appropriately dressed. Las Vegas and the vicinity can get very hot in summer. Thus, go early in the morning and take ample supplies.

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