This Las Vegas Hotel Now Offers a $5 Million Wedding Package

Ultra-lavish Wedding package at Waldorf Astoria

Do you and your lover have $5 million to spare? Couples can now enjoy a multi-million-dollar wedding at Waldorf Astoria. Whereas many elegant weddings only have a fancy setup, this package includes a chartered flight on a private jet for the newlyweds and their bridal party to Las Vegas. The round trip is just a tiny part of a multiple-day package for the most memorable wedding.

What to Expect
Apart from the private jet flight, the package includes a dream wedding customized to the couple’s preferences. The itinerary varies with different couples but consists of

        A lavish welcome reception at the Waldorf Astoria’s sky lobby

        Residing in the presidential suite, which has all the perks a hotel room can offer

        Pool party and spa sessions for the couple,

        Venue for the wedding ceremony and reception party(can accommodate 300 guests)

        An outstanding brunch experience the morning after the wedding to help the couple relax.

The stay is nothing short of magnificent. The location provides unbeatable views of the Strip and is truly a magical experience to get married in this manner.

Wedding bands from top jewelers

 Luxury jewelry is any bride’s dream, and the package meets this desire. The couple can shop for wedding bands of their dreams from some of the world’s top jewelers such as Tiffany and Co. or Cartier. It is all part of the package, which is impressive as everything is catered for, and the couple does not have to go through the hustle of bringing their ideal wedding ideas to life.

Seven-night honeymoon

It’s not a dream wedding without unique honeymoon plans. Luckily, the package includes a paid honeymoon in a Waldorf Astoria location of choice in any other city in the world. Some of the best ones include the Maldives and Rome locations where the couple can have a great time and spend their honeymoon in style. These locations have unique places to tour and take lovely photos for memories.

First Anniversary Celebrations

Lastly, anyone who takes up this package gets to celebrate their first anniversary at the Las Vegas location in a year. For more information about the package, couples can reach out to the hotel for guidelines, bookings, and other queries.

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