A fantastic visual treat

There are still a few free things on the Strip, and one of them is the Mirage Volcano. The volcano erupts every night with breathtaking fire combined with choreographed music- the view is thrilling and exciting- and most of all, it's free.

The Volcano shoots massive fireballs into the sky, and the show also combines the adjacent waterfalls to enhance the fire and smoke.  The Volcano is always accompanied by choreographed music, which adds to the thrill.

To see the volcano, you need to be outside the Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip. The best views are obtained just in front of the hotel, where you can feel the flames' heat and the vibrations of the music.

The Volcano show lasts five minutes, and every night there are large crowds. No reservations necessary. The volcano show runs from 8 -11 pm, erupting on the hour each time. If the wind is strong, the show is usually canceled.

Other ways to see the Volcano include paying for a tour. Several tours are available, including one on a bus, in a Tesla, a limousine, and even a helicopter. The cost of these tours varies from $45-$300. But for a five-minute show, you may as well stand outside the hotel and see it for free.