Sin City is Open for Business

Finally, after more than a year, Las Vegas is back in business. Just recently, officials announced that the city will COMPLETELY reopen June 1.  You don't need to wear a mask inside casinos or worry about social distancing (as long as you're vaccinated.)  Stores can still ask you to wear a mask, and you'll need to cover up at places like hospitals and schools, but that's it. This is a BIG change- especially for Sin City dancers. 

Strippers who get vaccinated or test negative for COVID can get as close as they want to the customer. The clubs will be packed again. Now, strip club patrons are supposed to be vaccinated too. However, most clubs are using the honor system.

Vegas health officials have been encouraging vaccination for all workers so that they can go back to their jobs but no one's happier than exotic dancers. Their income plummeted to zero during the shutdown. 

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