The Rise of the Socially Distant Lounge

Night clubs have not been allowed to operate like before the pandemic, some have resumed as Socially Distant Lounges.
The Rise of the Socially Distant Lounge

The Vegas entertainment scene might not be the same right now, but it’s impressive how it’s rising from the ashes. Several months ago, nobody could tell how long it would be before the nightlife lit up again. Luckily, things are resuming. And while night clubs have not been allowed to operate like before the pandemic, some have continued as Socially Distant Lounges. You can still listen to a good show, sip your favorite drink and socialize with your friends but under some social distancing restrictions.

However, there are some differences between your old club experience and the new arrangement.

The Changes

Some of the changes you are likely to observe with the new socially distant lounge experience include the following:

        Strict social distancing restrictions and measures are in place.

        No general admission or guest lists; you must purchase a table to gain entry.

        Reservations required.

        Reduced number of guests per table.

        Reduced table prices.

        Masks on when walking around.

        No dance floors.

        The presence of a DJ depends on individual venues.

        No typical club experience

What remains the same

There might be lots of changes, but the following remains the same, even in the new arrangement:

        Well, the new experience will still be in the city’s best venues though some might have modified their names .

        A variety of tables with different prices.

        Operations have similar hours as clubs.

        You can still relax, listen to your favorite music, and socialize with your group.

        Table prices will still be quoted as a minimum spend requirement.

Venue fee, sales tax, and gratuity will still be 35-37% on top of the required spend

The Rise of the Socially Distant Lounge

Daytime Venues

Impressively, the new lounge arrangement also covers for daytime experiences. For instance, LAVO Restaurant will still host their champagne brunch on Saturday afternoons.

Nighttime Lounges

 Many Vegas clubs have embraced the new arrangement, and honestly, the Vegas nightlife has been salvaged. The Wynn has opened XS as a lounge and will operate from 10.30 pm to close. On the other hand, TAO Group has their Marquee Main Room and TAO Nightclub serving as lounges too.

Drai’s After Hours is also up and running as Drai’s Lounge, while Lavo Restaurant has opened up a similar experience in the name of Dulce Supper Club. Other entities embracing the new socially distant lounge arrangement are the Barbershop Cuts and Cocktail at the Cosmopolitan and the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay.


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