The real deal for French cuisine

There is no question that Vegas has excellent French restaurants, but they can get pricey. If you want excellent French food, especially breakfast, at a reasonable price, there is no place better than the Real Crepe. Located in a small plaza next to Trader Joe's, the Real Crepe is the real deal when it comes to serving French classics. The menu is exhaustive, and there is something for everyone. The owner is very friendly, the staff is prompt, and the service is par excellence. 

Some of the great dishes that you can order here include the onion soup, different varieties of quiche, and of course, almost every type of crepe you can think of. It doesn't matter which flavor of crepe you order- they're all delicious. And there are many types of galettes, baked cookies, and macaroons to top it off. This is the place to come if you have a sweet tooth.

The inside of The Real Crepe is all French and is very pleasant, warm, and inviting. Since the COVID pandemic, social distancing is practiced, and masks need to be worn. However, the biggest downside to this place is the limited hours of operation. The Real Crepe is only open from 7 am till 2-3 pm. And you better get here early as it's packed all the time. The cost of breakfast for two will run about $40, but it is worth every penny.

The Real Crepe is located at 

7595 W Washington Ave

Las Vegas.

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