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Staying at the Luxor in 2021

Low rates but don’t forget about the resort fees

Now that Las Vegas is back to normal, the iconic Luxor hotel is offering huge discounts. You might be able to snag a room for as little as $39 on weeknights. Of course, add in the $45  per night resort fee, and you are looking at closer to $84 before tax. Not a bad deal to stay on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The Luxor isn’t the fanciest spot in the area, but it is a decent family hotel. There’s a ton of stuff to do inside the resort, including kid-friendly options like Bodies The Exhibition and the Titanic Artifact Exhibition.

Here are some more of the Luxor’s perks:

  • A decent size casino
  • Four relatively large pools 
  • Some rooms have tubs and great views
  • Several excellent restaurants including Mexican, sushi, and a decent steakhouse
  • Fitness center
  • Top-rated entertainment like Fantasy and Carrot Top
  • Easy access to many other entertainment places like the MGM Grand, Mandalay bay, etc
  • Huge video esports gaming studio
  • Private golf course only open to resort guests

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