Ice Rink on the Las Vegas Strip

The Ice Rink at Boulevard Pool

Christmas is over, but the holiday spirit is still alive. If you love to skate and are visiting Las Vegas during the winter months, check out the Ice Rink at the Cosmopolitan. Every year, the cosmopolitan transforms into a Winterland for a few months, complete with seasonal beverages and food. Plus, there is 4,200 square feet of ice for those who love to skate. One can also stroll in and around the hotel, which is beautifully decorated at this time of the year.

There is no charge to visit the rink, but if you want to skate, there is a $25-$30/day fee, including the skate rental fee. Don't bother bringing your own skates because you'll still need to pay this fee.

The rink itself is not that big and used to be packed with skaters bumping into each other. Now social distancing is the norm, and masks are mandatory. Thus, only a few skaters are permitted on the ice rink at once. The maximum number of skaters is 60, and they can remain on the ice for two hours. Be patient and drink while you wait. Or, you may want to dine at the exotic restaurants inside and just enjoy the people passing by.

All in all, the Ice Rink at the Cosmopolitan can be fun, but you won't find anything earth-shattering.