The History of Las Vegas Weddings

How Las Vegas became the wedding capital of the world

Las Vegas has not always been the wedding capital. But this title first came up in a newspaper article by the London Daily Herald in 1953. The report highlighted the city as a popular marriage hub, not only for residents but also for people worldwide. The article described the industry expansively, including the concept of all-inclusive wedding packages. 

Over the years, the packages have morphed into more creative versions. Initially, the idea of an all-exclusive plan looked something like some orchids for the bride, photography, organ music, and witnesses, all for under $10. It was the beginning of the growth of a big industry that now sees thousands of couples wed every year.

Historical Wedding Exhibit

You can now see more of the evolution of weddings from the 1900s at a new exhibit in Clark County. It’s a compilation by Cynthia Ammerman and Lynn Maria Goya that can give you an insight into weddings over the years. Some exhibits include posters of homes that later became wedding chapels, a slideshow compilation of some Las Vegas celebrity weddings, the evolution in wedding dress fashion, and more. The exhibit is available till May 4 daily from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm at 500 Grand Central Pkwy.

The Recreation of  Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.”

Another important aspect of Las Vegas Weddings is the sign that says “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.” Many newlyweds from other cities and countries would visit the spot just for photos. For this reason, chapels recreated the sign to allow guests to enjoy this without going all the way to the actual one. Recently, the Chapel of Flowers got its version of the sign and unveiled it to the public. Another example is the sign at the Downtown Las Vegas chapel. It honors the numerous couples who got married in the city,

The Clark County office issued its five millionth license this year in February.

Much has changed from when the city was all about illegal gaming, easy marriages, and divorces. Now gaming is legal and among the highest sources of the city’s revenue. .

In the 1940s, the total number of weddings recorded in a year was already in the tens of thousands. For example, 20,000 weddings were reported in 1942. As of 2021, this number stood at 77,000, with this data coming from the total number of marriage licenses issued. Currently, the estimated number of couples who got married in the city is around 5 million. The Clark County office issued its five millionth license this year in February.

Now, Las Vegas Weddings are a big part of the city. It is a large contributor to business and tourism in the town. We look forward to more innovations and improved technology around the wedding concept in the future. The best part of the weddings is the millions who got their happiness from their union in the city. 

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