Absolute beauty for FREE

Nothing in life is free- except the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. There's a reason why the Bellagio is one of the top-rated hotels on this planet; it's magnificent, and its conservatory is breathtaking. All year round, over 100 gardeners and many others work behind the scenes to make this place look meticulous and impressive.

The conservatory attracts thousands of guests who get to see the jaw-dropping displays and tens of thousands of trees, flowers, and plants on any given day. And during each season and on most festive days, this 14,000 square foot floral playground undergoes a major transformation to match the event/season. Every holiday the floral display is one of extraordinary beauty. As soon as you enter the conservatory, the beautiful colors and the sweet fragrances of the flowers are obvious. The natural floral display's continual change makes Bellagio stand out as one of the most beautiful hotels on the planet. 

Inside the Bellagio are also some great restaurants, gift shops, and a garden store.

The good thing about the conservatory is that there is no admission fee and no age limit. It can take up to an hour to fully appreciate the beauty of the conservatory, especially if you're taking picutres. The conservatory is located inside the Bellagio hotel at the intersection of the Las Vegas Strip and Flamingo road. The place is open 24/7. Because of the pandemic and social distancing, fewer people are allowed in at any given time- the best time to come is early in the morning or afternoon.