The indoor/outdoor rooftop bar, Skyfall Lounge, at The Delano has a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Strip and beyond

The Skyfall Lounge at the very top of The Delano is a laid-back indoor/outdoor upscale lounge and bar with a sky-high view of The Strip. 

The exclusive rooftop bar requires guests to check in with the host on the main floor of the hotel. From there, take a private elevator ride to the top floor. Have a seat inside on the comfortable couches or at the bar top. Make sure to walk out onto the open-air patio to take in the incredible view of the Las Vegas skyline. You’ll be able to see the entire Strip. (Even the bathrooms have a nice view!)

The menu features specialty cocktails, classics like Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, plus beer, wine, and more spirits than you can imagine. Try exotic whiskeys imported from Scotland, Ireland, and Japan. Bottles are also available for purchase. 

Also enjoy appetizers and small plates of charcuterie, calamari, sea bass, beef sliders, and chickpea fritters along with your drinks. 

Since reopening after being closed during the pandemic, the Skyfall Lounge is open Thursday through Sunday from 5pm to 12am. You’ll be able to enjoy the summer sunsets and the neon lights of the hotels.

To make a reservation visit 

or for more information call (877) 632-5400 or email

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