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Stop Along the Highway for Out of This World Beef Jerky

Alien Fresh Jerky is a popular stop on road trips between Nevada and California.

Driving along the highway, you ve probably seen at least 20 billboards for, Alien Fresh Jerky on your way to California from Nevada and vice versa. But have you ever actually ventured off to check it out? If you haven t, I recommend that you do!

Visiting this shop is probably the closest you ll ever get to Area 51. Located in Baker, CA, it s completely decked out with aliens; Area 51-themed inside and out. It s an interesting place to stop, stretch your legs, and take some wacky pics.

They make and sell a wide selection of beef jerky. They have flavors like pineapple teriyaki, whiskey, roadkill, space cowboy, alien extreme hot, bbq on the moon, honey-chipotle, and many more! They also sell candy, other snacks for the road, and alien-themed souvenirs.

You may not be able to visit the infamous Area 51, but you can stop to try Alien Fresh Jerky. It might even become a mandatory road trip tradition. It s located right off of the main highway in Baker; where the giant thermometer is! The store looks like a huge spaceship with aliens out front. You can t miss it!

72302 Baker Blvd, Baker, CA 92309

Store hours:

Monday through Saturday from 8am to 7pm

Sunday from 8am to 9pm

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